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AALBC.com, the African American Literature Book Club, is a website dedicated to books and film by and about African Americans and people of African descent with content also aimed at African-American bookstores. AALBC.com publishes book and film reviews, author profiles, resources for writers and related articles. Launched in 1998, AALBC was founded by Troy Johnson. It targets primarily a middle-aged African-American female demographic. It previously sold books through the Amazon.com affiliate program, and then started to operate its own warehousing and distribution program.

Adelphian Society

The Adelphian Society was founded on July 24, 1840, at the Hamilton Literary and Theological Institution in Hamilton, New York. The college literary society was organized on October 31, 1840, when the founding officers were elected. The society was formed by 31 men led by its first president, Orrin Bishop Judd. The purpose of the society was to" progress in literary attainments and cultivation among all the members of an undecaying friendship." The Adelphian Society was founded on the same day as the Aeonian Society. The literary societies were built on the remains of the Gamma Phi and Pi ...

Alberta Playwrights Network

The Alberta Playwrights Network is a professional association that was founded in 1985 to develop and support playwrights. It hosts a competition called the New Play Development Program. Gordon Pengilly is a dramaturge for the Alberta Playwrights Network, as is Gisele Villeneuve. Sharon Pollock was elected president of the Alberta Playwrights Network in 1998. Sandra Dempsey had previously been the president. The Alberta Playwrights Network supported Katherine Koller in writing such plays as The Seed Savers. The association produces a newsletter called Rave Review. The Alberta Playwrights N ...

American Writers Museum

The American Writers Museum is a museum of American Literature and writing that opened in Chicago in May 2017. The museum was designed by Amaze Design of Boston. The American museum was inspired by the Dublin Writers Museum.

Amicus saga ok Amilius

Amicus saga ok Amilius is a medieval Icelandic romance saga. Probably from the fourteenth century, it was translated from Vincent de Beauvaiss Speculum historiale, probably during the reign of Haakon V of Norway, and tells a similar story to the related French romance Amis et Amiles. The saga survives in only one manuscript, Stockholm, Royal Library Perg 4to nr 6. The saga has enjoyed extensive critical discussion.


Antisemitica designates, in the fields of book collecting, and rare book dealing, the collection and distribution of books, pamphlets, serials, posters, and other printed literature, of an antisemitic nature. Antisemitica does not, generally, designate antisemitic activity, or antisemites themselves. In the United States, the freedom of the press does not limit the publication or distribution of antisemitic literature, and there are scholarly and historical interests in such material.


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  • Cameroonian literature is literature from Cameroon, which includes literature in French, English and indigenous languages. Colonial - era writers such as
  • Dalit literature is literature written by Dalits about their lives. Dalit literature emerged in the 1960s in the Marathi language, and it soon appeared
  • Pashto literature and Pashto: پښتو ليكنې refers to literature and poetry in Pashto language. Amir Kror Suri, son of Amir Polad Suri, is an 8th - century
  • Literature in Benin had a strong oral tradition long before French became the dominant language. Felix Couchoro wrote the first Beninese novel, L Esclave
  • Nepalese literature is the literature of Nepal. This is distinct from Nepali literature which is the literature in only Nepali language Khas kura
  • Chadian literature has suffered greatly from the turmoil which has engulfed the country, economical and political. As with many cultures, literature in Chad
  • Hawaiian literature has its origins in Polynesian mythology. It was originally preserved and expanded solely through oral traditions, as the ancient Hawaiians
  • Mzamane Nhlapo and Mpho Matsepo Nthunya. Only a limited amount of Lesotho literature is available in the English language. Among these works is Chaka 1931 - the
  • The Literature of Senegal is among the most important in West Africa. Most works are written in French, but there are also works in Arabic, Wolof and Pulaar
  • Angolan literature has its origins in the mid - 19th century. The diversity of Angola s culture is reflected in the diversity of its literature which traditionally