ⓘ National Centre for Science Information is the information centre of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, that provides electronic information services to th ..


ⓘ National Centre for Science Information

National Centre for Science Information is the information centre of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, that provides electronic information services to the Institute academic community. The Centre also undertakes sponsored R&D projects and conducts a training programme on Information and Knowledge Management. NCSI was established in 1983, as a University Grants Commission Inter-University Centre. Formerly, as UGC-IUC for science information, NCSI provided national level current awareness services to researchers in Indian universities during 1984 to 2002.


1. Information Services

NCSI provides variety of electronic information services to the IISc scholars. These include:

  • Document delivery services.
  • Gateway services for electronic journals and open access resources on the Internet;
  • Intranet and Internet access to worlds leading bibliographic databases;
  • Customized web access through MySciGate portal;

1.1. Information Services SciGate: The IISc Science Information Portal

All the services provided by NCSI are integrated via the Scigate: The IISc Science Information Portal. SciGate is a science information portal and gateway website developed for the use of students, staff and faculty of IISc. SciGate provides single point access to a variety of locally hosted and Internet-based science, engineering, medicine and management information resources. Portion of content on SciGate and E-JIS free e-journals are freely accessible on the Internet.

NCSI also publishes a monthly electronic newsletter InfoWatch reporting new Internet resources of relevance to Science and Technology researchers.

Other services of NCSI include

  • ePrints IISc Open Access Repository of IISc Research Publications
  • etd IISc Electronic Theses and Dissertations of IISc
  • e-JIS Electronic Journal Information Service

2. Training Programme on Information and Knowledge Management

NCSI conducts a one-and-half year postgraduate training programme on Information and Knowledge Management. The selected candidates are imparted knowledge and skills in setting up and managing e-information services, digital libraries and knowledge management solutions. The 18 months programme includes course work, assignments, lab work, seminars, and an eight months project. Science Information


3. KM-Forum

This is another global discussion forum maintained by NCSI for Knowledge Management KM. It is a platform for knowledge management professionals to discuss all KM related topics.


4. NCSI-Net

NCSI-Net is a group of all NCSI staff and alumni formed for the professional development of its members. One of the major event conducted by NCSI-Net is Dr. T B Rajashekar TBR Memorial annual seminar and lecture series.

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