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Deborah (Genesis)

Deborah appears in the Hebrew Bible as the nurse of Rebecca. She is first mentioned by name in the Torah when she dies in a place called Alon Bachot, "Tree of Weepings", and is buried by Jacob, who is returning with his large family to Canaan. According to Rashi, Deborah was sent by Laban to care for his sister Rebecca when the latter went to marry Isaac Genesis 24:59. After Rebeccas son Jacob had been away from home for 22 years, Rebecca dispatched her loyal nurse to tell Jacob that it was safe for him to return home. The elderly nurse delivered her message and died on the return journey.

Mary Frances Garrigus

Mary Frances Garrigus was Montana’s first Native American female lawyer. She was born on August 22, 1891 in Columbus, Montana to William Garrigus and Margaret Porter. Her Crow ancestry came from her maternal side. She graduated from Billings High School in 1912. In 1918, Garrigus became the first Native American female admitted to practice law in the state upon obtaining her Juris Doctor from the University of Montana Law School. Garrigus died on November 30, 1918 in Billings, Montana after having contracted influenza while working as a volunteer nurse.