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A science festival is a festival that showcases science and technology with the same freshness and flair that would be expected from an arts or music festival. Events can be varied, including lectures, exhibitions, workshops, live demonstrations of experiments, guided tours, and panel discussions. There may also be events linking science to the arts or history, such as plays, dramatised readings, and musical productions. The core content is that of science and technology, but the style comes from the world of the arts.

Abu Dhabi Science Festival

The Abu Dhabi Science Festival is a science festival organized by the Abu Dhabi Technology Committee which takes place annually in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The festival features lots of exhibitions, workshops, shows and signature events, as well as school tours for children around the city. The festival was first held in 2011, and its sponsors and partners are Edinburgh Science Festival, Tawazun, Dolphin Energy, ADNOC, Etihad Airways, Masdar, Total, ADEC, Abu Dhabi Municipality, OSN, Radio 2, Abu Dhabi Media, Ferrari World, and produced by Flash Entertainment. In 2013, the festival moved to a bigge ...


ArtBots: The Robot Talent Show is an international robot talent show held in New York City and other cities. It is sponsored by a variety of arts organizations, produced by an army of volunteers, and is directed and curated by dorkbot founder, and teacher Douglas Repetto. ArtBots is vaguely modeled on a tongue-in-cheek version of Battlebots, where robotic art submissions are curated for a group show based not on their ability to fight one another, but on their ability to make or be art. Repetto felt that there was too much attention focused on "violent, competitive aspects of robotics" and ...

Auxesis (festival)

Auxesis is the annual techno cultural management festival of Dibrugarh University, Assam which is organised by the constituent institute Dibrugarh University Institute of Engineering and Technology. It is generally a four-day event held mostly in late September or in early October. The festival was first held in September 2011 and since then, it is conducted every year. The main tagline of this festival is: Imagine, Innovate and Create. However, the theme is changed every year with the new phase of organizing committee. With more than 60 events this festival, in its 5th edition October 201 ...

Bay Area Science Festival

The Bay Area Science Festival is an annual science festival started in 2011 that takes place in the San Francisco Bay Area counties every year at the end of October/beginning of November. The BASF program features over 50 events each year. The program typically features large free hands-on science days called Discovery Days, one in the North Bay, one in the East Bay, and one at AT&T Park in San Francisco. Additionally, the program features lab tours, conversations with leading scientists, and performances from groups from around the nation. In 2013, around 70.000 people attended, which ...


BergamoScienza is a science festival held annually in Bergamo, Italy. Established in 2003, its purpose is to promote the popularization of science. The festival consists of lectures, exhibitions, interactive workshops, as well as meetings with scientists. The event BergamoScienza is organized by the Non-profit organization BergamoScienza, whose founders were a group of friends. 24 Nobel Prize laureates have participated to BergamoScienza since 2003, among them John F. Nash, Kari Mullis, Paul Crutzen, Roald Hoffman, Peter Agre, Aaron Ciechanover, Martin Chalfie, Eric Kandel, Barry Marshall, ...


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  • International Science Festival took place. Edinburgh s success led to the development of science festivals in many other parts of the world. The British Science Association
  • participants can be found on the festival s official website. New York City portal Science portal List of festivals in the United States Non - profit status
  • The Edinburgh International Science Festival is one of 12 Edinburgh - based festivals who work collaboratively as Festivals Edinburgh on audience development
  • 51.890 - 2.078 Cheltenham Science Festival is one of the UK s leading science festivals and is part of Cheltenham Festivals also responsible for the
  • The 2008 World Science Festival was a science festival held in New York City. The festival May 28 June 1, 2008 consisted mainly of panel discussions
  • The Orkney International Science Festival is a science festival which takes place every September in Kirkwall, Orkney Islands, Scotland and has been running
  • The Bridgwater Science Festival is a science festival which takes place in Bridgwater, in the English county of Somerset in the May half term holiday
  • biennial USA Science Engineering Festival is a free science festival held in Washington, D.C.. The festival is the largest celebration of science technology
  • as one of the 14 captivating film festivals in Europe you won t want to miss Trieste Science Fiction Festival annually awards the Asteroide to the
  • The New Zealand International Science Festival is a biennial science festival which takes place for six days and involves participation of international
  • Brighton Science Festival s February return Culture 24: Science That Makes Your Eyes Pop Brighton Science Festival 2007 The Guardian: If festivals are supposed
  • first Science Festival programme in the city ran from 2002 2007. In 2008 funding from One NorthEast was awarded for an additional three festivals 2009 2011
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