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Activity vector analysis

Activity vector analysis is a psychometric questionnaire designed to measure four personality factors or vectors: aggressiveness, sociability, emotional control and social adaptability. It is used as an employment test. The AVA was developed by the psychologist Walter V. Clarke in 1942, based on work by Prescott Lecky, William Marston and others.

Anchor test

In psychometrics, an anchor test is a common set of test items administered in combination with two or more alternative forms of the test with the aim of establishing the equivalence of the test scores on the alternative forms. The purpose of the anchor test is to provide a baseline for an equating analysis between different forms of a test. Anchor test is one type of psychological assessment tool to measure an individuals knowledge or cognitive ability by testing the same areas in different ways. In psychometrics, to develop assessment tools that are reliable for testing certain skills an ...

Assessment centre

An assessment center is a process where candidates are examined to determine their suitability for specific types of employment, especially management or military command. The candidates personality and aptitudes are determined by techniques including interviews, group exercises, presentations, examinations and psychometric testing.

Assessment day

An assessment day is usually used in the context of recruitment. On this day, a group of applicants who have applied for a particular role are invited to an assessment centre, where a combination of selection techniques are used by the employers to measure the suitability of an individual for the job role. These selection technique usually include exercises such as presentation, group exercise, one to one Interview, role play, psychometric test etc. Most large organisations like banks, audit and IT firms use assessment days to recruit the fresh talent in their graduate programmes. With an ...

Automatic Item Generation

Automatic Item Generation, or Automated Item Generation, is a process linking psychometrics with computer programming. It uses a computer algorithm to automatically create test items that are the basic building blocks of a psychological test. The method was first described by John R. Bormuth in the 1960s but was not developed until recently. AIG uses a two-step process: first, a test specialist creates a template called an item model; then, a computer algorithm is developed to generate test items. So, instead of a test specialist writing each individual item, computer algorithms generate f ...

Bipolar Spectrum Diagnostic Scale

The Bipolar Spectrum Diagnostic Scale is a psychiatric screening rating scale for bipolar disorder. It was developed by Ronald Pies, and was later refined and tested by S. Nassir Ghaemi and colleagues. The BSDS arose from Piess experience as a psychopharmacology consultant, where he was frequently called on to manage cases of "treatment-resistant depression". Patients are typically diagnosed during their 20s. The lifetime prevalence of BD is approximately 1%, rising to 4% if a broader definition of bipolar spectrum disorder is used. The English version of the scale consists of 19 question ...


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  • applied work in psychometrics was undertaken in an attempt to measure intelligence. Galton, often referred to as the father of psychometrics devised and
  • Computational Psychometrics is an interdisciplinary field fusing theory - based psychometrics learning and cognitive sciences, and data - driven AI - based
  • Psychometrics of racism is an emerging field that aims to measure the incidence and impacts of racism on the psychological well - being of people of all
  • L. L. Thurstone Psychometric Laboratory is a psychometrics and quantitative psychology laboratory housed within the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience
  • Articles related to psychometrics measuring intelligence and cognitive traits include: Intelligence quotient Myers - Briggs Type Indicator Personality
  • He Is Psychometric Korean: 사이코메트리 그녀석 RR: Saikometeuri Geunyeoseok lit. That Psychometric Guy is a 2019 South Korean television series starring Park
  • 5, which is just a conventional and arbitrary choice. Psychophysics Psychometrics Wichmann, Felix A., and Frank Jakel. Methods in psychophysics. Stevens
  • Forrest W. Young. R package. A number of routines for personality, psychometrics and experimental psychology. Functions are primarily for scale construction
  • The Psychometric Society is an international nonprofit professional organization devoted to the advancement of quantitative measurement practices in psychology
  • constitutes a normal scientific practice that in no way distinguishes psychometrics from other sciences. Critics have also suggested that Gould did not