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AASRA is a Mumbai-based mental health NGO which is noted for operating a 24-hour Helpline to cater to suicidal and emotionally distressed individuals. The service is an offshoot of Befrienders Worldwide and Samaritans, whose India chapter was established in 1960.

Beacon UK

Beacon UK is a private provider of mental health services launched in the UK in September 2011 by Dr Emma Stanton, a practising NHS psychiatrist at the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust. Beacon Health Strategies was established in 1996 in the US by Elizabeth Pattullo developing publicly funded mental health managed care programs – starting with Boston, Massachusetts. The company does not directly deliver mental health care, but attempts to act as an" integrator”, coordinating mental health services from different health and social care providers to ensure care effectively meets the needs ...

Dialectics of Liberation Congress

The congress on the Dialectics of Liberation was an international congress organised in London between 15 and 30 July 1967. It was organised by the American educationalist Joe Berke. The scope of the conference was to "demystify human violence in all its forms, and the social systems from which it emanates, and to explore new forms of action". A short film, Ah, Sunflower, directed by Robert Klinkert and Iain Sinclair, and featuring R. D. Laing, Allen Ginsberg, Stokely Carmichael and others, was filmed around the Dialectics of Liberation conference.

Ephialtes (illness)

Ephialtes is an anxiety disorder identified as such by John Bond in 1753, along with other authors of those times, in his treatise "An Essay on the Incubus, or Nightmare". The famous Greek physician Galen in the 2nd century had already named nightmares "Ephialtes". Throughout history, sleep paralysis and the similar term nightmare have been widely accompanied by mythological creatures with paranormal powers. The idea of an incubus as a causative factor in nightmares stemmed from the belief that some spirit or ghostly person crept in during the night and lay upon the sleeper, so as to const ...

High-dependency unit (mental health)

A high-dependency unit is an inpatient psychiatric ward, typically with only a small number of beds, attached to an acute admissions ward. It is intended to provide treatment for patients who cannot be managed safely on an acute ward, but do not meet the threshold for admission to PICU. The number of staff per patient will be higher than the associated acute ward, but may be lower than levels at a PICU.

Mental Health Week (Australia)

Mental Health Week is an awareness week in Australia. It was first held in 1985 and is now an annual event. It is held in October, including 10 October, which is World Mental Health Day. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation holds "Mental As", when it broadcasts various stories related to mental health issues during Mental Health Week.


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  • The Royal Commission into Victoria s Mental Health System, more widely known as the Mental Health Royal Commission, is a royal commission in Victoria
  • mental health high - dependency units in Queensland Mental Health Act 2000, HDU can be defined as a separate potentially lockable area within a mental
  • In India, the Mental Health Care Act 2017 was passed on 7 April 2017 and came into force from 7 July 2018. The law was described in its opening paragraph
  • World Mental Health Day. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation holds Mental As when it broadcasts various stories related to mental health issues
  • Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics is a quarterly peer - reviewed academic journal published by the International Center of Mental Health Policy
  • Mental Health DMH is a state agency of Mississippi, headquartered in Suite 1101 of the Robert E. Lee Building in Jackson. It provides mental health
  • Evidence - Based Mental Health is a quarterly peer - reviewed medical journal covering all aspects of mental health It is co - owned by the BMJ Group, the Royal
  • Mental Health Religion and Culture is an interdisciplinary peer - reviewed academic journal published by Routledge. It publishes original articles that
  • The Mental Health Systems Act of 1980 MHSA was United States legislation signed by President Jimmy Carter which provided grants to community mental health

Mania errabunda

Mania errabunda or restless madness the tendency of old people to wander aimlessly away from home. The name is not much used in the 21st century. The term is also used in combination with drug addiction and alcoholism.