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Associated Press Athlete of the Year

The first Athlete of the Year award in the United States was initiated by the Associated Press in 1931. At a time when women in sports were not given the same recognition as men, the AP offered a male and a female athlete of the year award to either a professional or amateur athlete. The awards are voted on annually by a panel of AP sports editors from across the United States, covering mainly american sports. As a result, a large majority of the winners have been Americans. However, non-Americans are also eligible for the honor, and have won on a few occasions.

Athlete of the Year

For etymology of "athlete", see Athlete In many nations, an "athlete" primarily refers to someone who participates in the various disciplines of athletics In other nations - including Canada and the United States - an "athlete" equals "sportsperson" from any sport.

Aurora Borealis Cup

The Aurora Borealis Cup is the trophy awarded annually to the Finnish womens ice hockey champions, the winning team of the Naisten Liiga playoffs. The Aurora Borealis Cup was created to honor the quality of play in Naisten Liiga and as a symbol of support in the promotion of womens ice hockey.

Austrian Sports Badge

The Austrian Sports Badge is a decoration presented for physical fitness by the Republic of Austria.

BAWA Athlete of the Year

The BAWA Athlete of the Year is an award presented by the British Athletics Writers Association to the British athletes voted to have been adjudged to have been best of the year in British athletics. They are presented each autumn at the Associations annual awards which have been running since 1963. There are male and female award categories for senior, junior and Paralympic athletes. The most frequent winner of the main award is Mo Farah.

BBC Sports Personality of the Year

The BBC Sports Personality of the Year is an awards ceremony that takes place annually in December. Devised by Paul Fox in 1954, it originally consisted of just one, the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award. Several new awards have been introduced, and currently eight awards are presented. The first awards to be added were the Team of the Year and Overseas Personality awards, which were introduced in 1960. A Lifetime Achievement Award was first given in 1995 and again in 1996, and has been presented annually since 2001. In 1999, three more awards were introduced: the Helen Rollason Awa ...

Beach Soccer Stars

Beach Soccer Stars is an annual award ceremony in beach soccer organised by the sports developmental body, Beach Soccer Worldwide. The first edition was held on 7 November 2014 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The ceremony has continued to take place in the Emirate every year since, occurring after the conclusion of the Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup during the first week of November and has been called beach soccers version of the better known Ballon Dor in association football. A gala event, attended by many of the worlds top current and former players, coaches, officials and other bea ...

Billabong XXL

The Billabong XXL is a global big wave award. This event gathers big wave surfers from all around the world in a one contest. Every year, surfers ride big waves for prizes, for example; Pacifico Paddle, Biggest Wave, Pacifico Tube, Performance Champion, Ride of the Year.

Blue (university sport)

A blue is an award of sporting colours earned by athletes at some universities and schools for competition at the highest level. The awarding of blues began at Oxford and Cambridge universities in England. They are now awarded at a number of other British universities and at some universities in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.