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Team of the century

In team sport, team of the century and team of the decade are hypothetical best teams over a given time period. For the century team, it can be either 100 years, for a century. Similarly the team of the decade can be for 10 years or a decade. Teams of the decade and century are selected for both leagues and clubs and sometimes selected for other reasons, such as to honour the contribution of a particular ethnic group. Teams of the 20th century in particular have been controversial due to their loose criteria and the systemic bias toward current players, given that the performance of player ...

AE-COPSD Sports badge

The AE-COPSD Sport badge ; English, "European Police Sports Badge") is a decoration awarded by the European association of the Bodies and Public Organisms of Security and of Defense). To be awarded the sports badge, participants must meet the standards in their choice of event within each of the seven listed categories. The badge is awarded based upon performance in ether Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The participant may compete for the badge on an annual basis. AE-COPSD personnel must grade and certify each event. The three grades are awarded based on the number of points earned. The events a ...

America's Polo Cup

The Americas Polo Cup was a polo event held annually in the United States of America from 2007 to 2010, but was declared bankrupt on September 13, 2010. The event was organized by Tareq and Michaele Salahi, with varying degrees of support from sponsors. Because the match was unsanctioned by the Federation of International Polo, it was largely considered a spectator event. The event attracted controversy because financial issues surrounding the event, including allegations of, nonpayment of vendors, charity funding issues, and sponsors names and marks being used without their consent.

Amsterdam Sportsman of the year

The Amsterdam Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year is an annual award given to sportspeople associated with Amsterdam, organised since 1999 by the citys division for elite sport named Topsport Amsterdam in cooperation with the city council. Awards are also given for the "Coach of the Year" and the "Talent of the Year".

APBA Gold Cup

The APBA Gold Cup is an American hydroplane boat race, named for the American Power Boat Association. It is run as part of the H1 Unlimited season. The top ever winner is Chip Hanauer, with eleven victories. Dave Villwock is second, with ten, and Bill Muncey third, with eight.

Asian Sportsman of the year

The Asian Sports Award is a recognition programme conceived by Stropt and Sports Limited in collaboration with the Asian Sports Press Union. Its aim is to honour, champion and promote the world-class sports heroes of Asia. They named Liu Xiang and Nicol Ann David as the recipients of the inaugural Asian Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year awards.