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Law of 1794

The Law of 1794, derived from the Fourcroy Report of 1794, was enacted by the National Convention in December, 1794 in Paris, France. The law, stemming from a report from Antoine François, comte de Fourcroy, proposed the reorganization of the structure of medical education in post-revolution France and sought to lay the ground work for the institution of Hospital Medicine in France.

Loi Evin

The loi Evin is the French alcohol and tobacco policy law passed in 1991. It takes its name from Claude Evin, then Minister of Health, who proposed it to Parliament.

Loi Huriet Serusclat

The Loi du 20 decembre 1988 relative à la protection des personnes qui se prêtent à des recherches biomedicales, also known as the Loi Huriet or Loi Huriet-Serusclat, is a French civil law to establish the regulation of those working in biomedical research, and to formalise the status quo of bioethics. It was proposed under the second government of Michel Rocard six months after the 1988 French legislative election. It was the first French law that put clinical trials on a firm legal footing.

Melun Act of 1851

In France, the Melun Act was one of the first laws regarding Public Health. It was presented by the Viscount Andre de Melun. It introduced a range of measures regarding unhealthy and unfit for habitations buildings. The law was actually optional, and was only fully applied in Paris by Baron Haussmann.

Neuwirth Law

The Neuwirth Law is a French law which lifted the ban on birth control methods on December 28, 1967, including oral contraception. It was passed by the National Assembly on December 19, 1967. The law is named after Lucien Neuwirth, the Gaullist politician who proposed it. It replaced a law from 1920 that not only forbade all forms of contraception, but also information about contraception. The law was not fully implemented until 1972 due to administrative breakdowns.


ⓘ Health law in France

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