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Operation Sudden Fall

Operation Sudden Fall was a 2008 joint operation between the United States Drug Enforcement Administration and San Diego State University campus police investigating drug abuse in the College Area of San Diego, California. It was the largest campus drug bust in San Diego County history and one of the largest college drug busts in U.S. history.

Effects of sleep deprivation on college students

Sleep deprivation - the condition of not having enough sleep - is a common issue for students in higher education. This issue has several underlying and negative consequences, but there are a few helpful improvements that students can make to reduce its frequency and severity. On average, university students get 6 to 6.9 hours of sleep every night. Based on the Treatment for Sleep Disorders, the recommended amount of sleep needed for college students is around 8 hours. According to Stanford Universitys Department for the Diagnosis, 68% of college students arent getting the sleep they need. ...

Stress in medical students

Stress in medical students is stress caused by strenuous medical programs, which may have physical and psychological effects on the well-being of medical students. Excessive stress in medical training predisposes students for difficulties in solving interpersonal conflicts as a result of previous stress. A significant percentage of medical students suffer from anxiety disorders because of the long term effects of stress on emotional and behavioral symptomatology. This condition has become a focus of concern nationally and globally, therefore the first line of detection and defense from str ...