ⓘ Name, sports. In sports, particularly team sports, the Player name, often referred to as the uniform name, squad name, jersey name, shirt name is the name worn ..


ⓘ Name (sports)

In sports, particularly team sports, the Player name, often referred to as the uniform name, squad name, jersey name, shirt name is the name worn on a players uniform.

Originally, the number worn on a players uniform was used to identify and distinguish each players and sometimes others, such as coaches and officials from others wearing the same or similar uniforms. But, In order to identify players in detail, The name worn on a players uniform is used. Especially In American professional sports, Name printing were introduced in 1960s.

The name is typically displayed on the rear of the jersey, often accompanied by the number. Name printing is also used from a sports marketing point. For example, To promote the player to fans and jersey sales)

In generall, official surname is used, But Nickname is also used.


1. Association football

In association football, In 1954 FIFA World Cup, numbers were introduced on the back of team jerseys. In 1994 FIFA World Cup, FIFA made changes to the jersey, and squad numbers were also printed on the front. Player names were also printed on the back of the jerseys for the first time. These modifications were implemented to make it easier for television and radio broadcasters to identify players.

In UEFA Euro 1992 and 1993–94 FA Premier League, Name printing on jersey was used, but After 1994 FIFA World Cup, Name printing is commonly used in various football competitions all over the world.


2. Baseball

In Major League Baseball, Name printing on jersey was introduced in 1960s. and Many teams adopted uniform name.

In 1929, Uniform number was introduced by New York Yankees firstly. But until now, New York Yankees uniform dont have player name printing because of their tradition. New York Yankees realize that baseball is a team sport and value the importance of teamwork and unity. The club believes that by putting the names on the shirts you are placing unnecessary attention on individuals rather than the team as a whole.


3. Ice hockey

To start the 1977–78 season, the National Hockey League placed into effect a rule that also required players sweaters to display the names of the players wearing them in addition to their number, but Toronto Maple Leafs owner Harold Ballard initially refused to follow the new rule, fearing that he would not be able to sell programs at his teams games. The NHL responded by threatening to levy a fine on the team in February 1978, so Ballard complied by making the letters the same color as the background they were on, which for the teams road jerseys was blue. The League threatened further sanctions, and despite playing more than one game with their "unreadable" sweaters, Ballards Maple Leafs finally complied in earnest by making the blue jerseys letters white.

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