ⓘ List of sports desegregation firsts. Jackie Robinson 1919–1972, first African American to play in Major League Baseball in the modern era William Edward White 1 ..


ⓘ List of sports desegregation firsts

  • Jackie Robinson 1919–1972, first African American to play in Major League Baseball in the modern era
  • William Edward White 1860–1937, believed to be the first African American to play in the major leagues, appearing in one game on June 21, 1879
  • Jim Toy 1858–1919, another possible, disputed candidate for first Native American player
  • Louis Sockalexis 1871–1913, a member of the Penobscot tribe, often considered the first player of Native American ancestry
  • Lou Castro 1876–1941, the first Latin American, if not Bellan
  • Steve Bellan 1849–1932, first Latin American, depending on whether or not the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players is considered a major league
  • Moses J. Yellow Horse 1898–1964, first full-blooded Native American player, from the Pawnee tribe
  • Larry Doby 1923–2003, second African American to break the color barrier, first in the American League
  • Moses Fleetwood Walker 1856–1924, first openly African-American player. White passed as white.
  • Masanori Murakami born 1944, first Japanese player

1. National Football League

  • Walter Achiu 1902–1989, first player of east Asian descent
  • Lou Molinet 1904–1976, first Hispanic, Cuban and Latin American player
  • Bobby Marshall 1880–1958, one of the first two African-American players
  • Fritz Pollard 1894–1986, one of the first two African-American players and the first head coach

2. National Basketball Association

  • Nathaniel Clifton 1922–1990, Chuck Cooper 1926–1984 and Earl Lloyd 1928–2015, the first African Americans in the NBA, with Lloyd being the first to play in a game, due to scheduling
  • Wataru Misaka 1923–2019, first non-white player and first of Asian descent

3. National Hockey League

  • Willie ORee born 1935, first black player
  • Fred Sasakamoose born 1933, First Nations player with treaty status
  • Bill Guerin born 1970, first player of Hispanic descent
  • Larry Kwong 1923–2018, first player to break the color barrier in hockey and first of Asian descent

4. Tennis

  • Bob Ryland born 1920, first African-American professional player and first to compete in the NCAA National Championships
  • Arthur Ashe 1943–1993, first African American selected to the United States Davis Cup team
  • Althea Gibson 1927–2003, first African American to play in the United States National Championships, now the US Open

5. Association football

  • Andrew Watson 1856–1921, considered the first black person to play association football at the international level
  • Arthur Wharton 1865–1930, widely considered to be the first black professional footballer in the world
  • Desegregation is the process of ending the separation of two groups, usually referring to races. Desegregation is typically measured by the index of dissimilarity
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  • in Nebraska in 1967. The school was also targeted by a number of school desegregation plans from the 1970s through the 2000s. Since 1999 Omaha Public
  • II the court delegated the task of carrying out school desegregation to district courts with orders that desegregation occur with all deliberate speed
  • desegregate the university. Foster Auditorium was the site of a full court shot during the January 4, 1955 basketball game between the University of Alabama