ⓘ Dalmau. Situated on the banks of the holy Ganga, Dalmau is a historical town in the district of Rae Bareli. The town has several attractions to its credit inclu ..


ⓘ Dalmau

Situated on the banks of the holy Ganga, Dalmau is a historical town in the district of Rae Bareli. The town has several attractions to its credit including the King Dals fort, Dargah of several sufies and martyrs like Makhdoom Badruddin Badr e Alam, Qubool Aalam, Sheranshah, Malik Mubarak Shaheed, Saat Sulema Saat Daud, Muhammad Shah Sharqi, Chand Matmin Shaheed, Historical Mosque of Haji Zahid, Pakka Ghat built by Raja tikait Rai, Rani ka Shivala, Zanana Ghat of Mughal period, Bara Math, and Mahesh Giri Math. Dalmau also enjoys a unique place in the literary world because it was here that the famous Hindi poet, Surya Kant Tripath Nirala wrote his poems while sitting on the fort and overlooking the scene below. Dalmau was also centre of sufism in fourteen century because Maulana Daud a Chishti saint who was attached to Dalmau royal court was living here and he wrote first awadhi masnawi world famous book Chandayan.

Dalmau is also home to the Palace of Ibrahim Sharqi, belonging to the Nawab Shuza-UD-Daula. Visitors will also be able to see pillows of Alhaa Udal and walk along Dalmau pump canal. Famous Personalities: Maulana Dawood Mulla Daud, Tripathi Pandit Suryakant Nirala Bazar, Baba Lalan Das, Miran Shah

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