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ⓘ Sports competitions by organizer

  • Olympic Committee IOC the organizer of the modern Olympic Games. General sports organizations are responsible for sports related topics, usually for
  • its synonyms may be used to encompass either a single competition or a related group of competitions Many groups use promotion and relegation, where the
  • and Regulations Organizing international competitions Developing the movement worldwide Promoting The authority of FIRS was recognized by the following
  • directive only allowed the establishment of sports organizations on a local level. In consequence, sport competitions were only permitted on a local level with
  • Roller sports competitions at the 2018 Asian Games were held at the JSC Rollerskate Stadium and the JSC Skateboard Stadium at in Jakabaring Sport City
  • art competitions that were part of the Olympic Games from 1912 until 1948. These art competitions were considered an integral part of the movement by International
  • that the organizers were finally compelled to shift the venue of the Swimsuit Round to Seychelles. Countering these claims, the contest organizer says that
  • sports facilities as well as: providing services in the field of sports and recreation provision of sport competitions for the organization of sports
  • Federation of Sport Climbing IFSC organizes some of the most important international sport climbing competitions including the Climbing World Championships
  • and support for the sport. The competitions and ceremonies in these sports were identical to official Olympic sports except that the medals were not