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University and college curling

Sir Sanford Flemming College Lindsay St. Clair College Seneca College Niagara College Algonquin College Sir Sanford Flemming College Mohawk College Confederation College


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  • Scottish Student Sport SSS formed in June 2005 as Scottish Universities Sport is the professional body for delivery and furthering of sports at university
  • offering student and non - student members a comprehensive range of sporting facilities. SUSF also provides sport scholarships and other support to student athletes
  • The Reseau du sport etudiant du Quebec RSEQ literal translation: Quebec Student Sports Network is the current name for the organisation formerly known
  • forerunner of the World University Games, meant for students only. Regional games were another kind of multi - sport event that was established, such as the Far
  • performance, dance performance, sport rehabilitation and leisure sport BSU has also provided a key platform for student - staff exchanges and distance education
  • to consider reading the Sport in England, Sport in Scotland, Sport in Wales or Sport in Northern Ireland articles, or the Sport in Ireland article where
  • Sunday Sport is a British tabloid newspaper, published by Sport Newspapers, which was originally established in 1986. Defenders of the publication have
  • may be required for a successful outcome by Dr. Rhonda Cohen 2012 While use of the term extreme sport has spread everywhere to describe a multitude
  • Department of Sport Physiology, Department of Sport Anatomy, Department of Sport Medicine, Department of Sport Biochemistry, Department of Sport Biomechanics
  • British Universities Colleges Sport BUCS is the governing body for university sport in the United Kingdom. BUCS was formed in June 2008 following