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Religion and health

Scholarly studies have investigated the effects of religion on health. The World Health Organization discerns four dimensions of health, namely physical, social, mental, and spiritual health. Having a religious belief may have both positive and negative impacts on health and morbidity.

Religion and abortion

Numerous religious traditions have taken a stance on abortion, but few are absolute. These stances span a broad spectrum, based on numerous teachings, deities, or religious print, and some of those views are highlighted below.

Religion and divorce

The relationship between religion and divorce is complicated and varied. Different religions have different perceptions of divorce. Some religions accept divorce as a fact of life, while others only believe it is right under certain circumstances like adultery. Also, some religions allow remarriage after divorce, and others believe it is inherently wrong. This article attempts to summarize these viewpoints of major world religions and some important traditions regarding divorce in each faith.

Handbook of Religion and Health

Handbook of Religion and Health is a scholarly book about the relation of spirituality and religion with physical and mental health. Written by Harold G. Koenig, Michael E. McCullough, and David B. Larson, the book was published in the United States in 2001. The book has been discussed in magazines and reviewed in professional journals. A second revised edition of the Handbook was published in 2012.

Studies on intercessory prayer

Some religions claim that praying for somebody who is sick can have positive effects on the health of the person being prayed for. Meta-studies of the literature in the field have been performed showing evidence only for no effect or a potentially small effect. For instance, a 2006 meta analysis on 14 studies concluded that there is "no discernible effect" while a 2007 systemic review of intercessory prayer reported inconclusive results, noting that 7 of 17 studies had "small, but significant, effect sizes" but the review noted that the most methodologically rigorous studies failed to prod ...

Journal of Religion & Health

The Journal of Religion and Health is an international multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary peer-reviewed academic journal founded in 1961 by the Blanton-Peale Institute and published by Springer Science+Business Media. The JORH is one of the oldest journals covering religion, spirituality and health.