ⓘ UK Health Alliance on Climate Change. The UK Health Alliance on Climate Change is a coalition of health institutions that work together to combat climate change ..


ⓘ UK Health Alliance on Climate Change

The UK Health Alliance on Climate Change is a coalition of health institutions that work together to combat climate change. It was formed in 2016 to lead the health profession’s response to climate change in the United Kingdom.

The Alliance brings together doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to advocate for better responses to climate change that protect and promote public health. UKHACC emphasises the health co-benefits of tackling climate change, and raises awareness about the relationship between health and climate change.

The Alliance has campaigned on air pollution and coal phase-out. On 30 March 2017, UKHACC highlighted in a letter to the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, that" more work is urgently needed to prepare the personnel, the systems and the facilities of the NHS, as well as other institutions involved in health care, for the implications of climate change.” On the topic of coal, the Alliance has noted that coal, as a driver of climate change, damages human health indirectly by increasing the frequency and severity of extreme weather events like floods and heatwaves.

In June 2019 UKHACC was one of several concerned environmental organisations to write to the then Prime Minister, Theresa May, urging her to urgently commit to the recommendation of the independent Committee on Climate Change for the UK to set a target for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions before 2050. On 12th June 2019, the Prime Minister responded by confirming that a 2050 target would be set in law, the legislation being passed later that month.

Members of the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change include royal colleges, medical journals, faculties and societies.

In October 2019, former Editor-in-Chief of the British Medical Journal, Dr Richard Smith, was elected as Chair of the Alliance.


1. Members

  • Royal College of Anaesthetists
  • Faculty of Public Health
  • Royal College of Nursing
  • Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
  • Royal College of General Practitioners
  • British Medical Association
  • Royal College of Physicians
  • Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
  • Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
  • Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • The British Medical Journal
  • Royal Society of Medicine
  • Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare
  • Royal College of Emergency Medicine
  • Royal College of Surgeons
  • Climate and Health Council
  • The Lancet
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