ⓘ Depot de la Guerre. The Depot de la Guerre was Frances military archive and cartography department, set up in 1688 under Louis XIV and expanded during the Frenc ..


ⓘ Depot de la Guerre

The Depot de la Guerre was Frances military archive and cartography department, set up in 1688 under Louis XIV and expanded during the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars.


1. History

Established by François Michel Le Tellier de Louvois, it was put in charge of gathering, conserving, engraving and publishing historical archives, military memoirs, maps and plans and all topographic activity. In the 18th century lieutenant-general Vault played a notable part in the Depots work.

Effectively dissolved during the early years of the French Revolution thanks to a decision by the Constituent Assembly to suppress the military geographical-engineers corps, it was reestablished by Etienne Nicolas de Calon between April 1793 and May 1797, under the new name Depot general de la Guerre et de la Geographie in full, Depot general de la Guerre de terre et de mer et de la Geographie - this underlined the military importance of creating maps and keeping them up to date. However, the staff provided for it were insufficient for its initial ambitions - a large part of its personnel shifted to the Bureau des longitudes and the Service hydrologique de la Marine.

Pierre Dupont de lEtang was briefly put in charge of the Depot from May to September 1797, followed by Jean Ernouf from September 1797 to October 1798 and Hugues Alexandre Joseph Meunier until December 1799. Under the First French Empire it was headed by Henri Jacques Guillaume Clarke from December 1799 to September 1800, Antoine François Andreossy from August 1802 to May 1803, Nicolas Antoine Sanson from June 1803 to June 1805. It flourished during this period, employing 90 geographical engineers and a huge archive of documents, mapping the Cisalpine Republic, Liguria and the newly-annexed Cisrhenian Republic among others. The corps of engineer geographers was definitively recreated in January 1909.

The Depot was restructured in 1814, and again in 1823. In 1887, it was split into two separate organisations:

  • The Service historique de larmee SHA, "Army Historical Service", later the Service historique de larmee de terre SHAT, "Land Army Historical Service", now the Service historique de la defense SHD, "Defence Historical Service".
  • The Service geographique de larmee SGA, "Army Geographic Service", which in 1940 became the Institut national de linformation geographique et forestiere IGN, "National Institute of Geographic and Forestry Information"

The Depots archives can be consulted at the SHD site at the Chateau de Vincennes.


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