ⓘ Mike Rossi, DJ. Mike Rossi is a disc jockey and former television host who gained national notoriety in 2015 after qualifying for the Boston Marathon with a tim ..


ⓘ Mike Rossi (DJ)

Mike Rossi is a disc jockey and former television host who gained national notoriety in 2015 after qualifying for the Boston Marathon with a time that later came under heavy scrutiny, resulting in widespread accusations that he had cheated in his qualifying race.


1. Early career

Rossi was one of the dancers on the 1980s television show Dancin On Air. In 1986, one of the hosts quit, and 36 hours later, Rossi became one of the co-hosts of the show at the age of 18. The show was canceled in 1987.


2. Viral fame and cheating accusations

In 2015, Rossi ran in the Boston Marathon, and brought his wife and 9-year-old twins on the trip from their hometown of Abington, Pennsylvania. He subsequently received a form letter from his childrens principal informing him that a family vacation was not an excusable reason for absence, and that the school days his children missed would be marked as unexcused. Rossi then wrote a response to the principal, which he never mailed, but did post on Facebook; the post went viral, and was shared by over 28.700 people within a week.

After appearances on the Today show and Fox & Friends, controversy erupted over how Rossi qualified for the Boston Marathon. Rossi had submitted a qualifying time of 3:11 that he had supposedly run in the Lehigh Valley Health Network Via Marathon. The organizers of that marathon asked USA Track & Field for help in investigating cheating allegations, raised mostly by other runners who, in exploring Rossis race history, noticed that a 3:11 marathon was inconsistent with all of Rossi’s other publicly available race results. In addition, there were no photos of Rossi anywhere on the Lehigh marathon race course except for at the finish line; he was the only finisher who was not photographed on the course. Most other runners were seen in 10 or more pictures taken along the way by a company hired to take photographs of the runners.

The editors of LetsRun.com, one of the top five running-centric websites in the world, called the evidence "overwhelming" that "Rossi did not run the entire 2014 Lehigh Valley Marathon." The organizers of the Via Marathon sent LetsRun a statement explaining why they could not disqualify Rossis time, stating it was "simply because they received no reports of wrongdoing as the race took place." They also stated that "there is data from Rossi’s participation in other racing events indicating that Rossi’s time may not be accurate."


2.1. Viral fame and cheating accusations Aftermath

The founders of LetsRun.com publicly offered Rossi $100.000 if he could repeat his 3:11 performance within one year of the offer. Meanwhile, the organizers of the Via Marathon announced that they had taken several steps to verify runner participation and timing accuracy after the Rossi incident. Previously, the only timing mats at the Via marathon were at the start and finish line. The marathon committee added four on-course timing mats and video surveillance at several locations that Via would archive.

Rossi was elected twice as "Philadelphia’s Biggest Loser" by Philadelphia Magazine, in 2015 ahead of Bill Cosby and in 2016.


3. Arrest at Kenny Chesney concert

On June 25, 2016, Rossi was tailgating prior to a Kenny Chesney concert at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia in Lot K, which had opened up to tailgaters at 10 am. At around 5 pm, when he was asked to "move along" several times by venue security, he refused, and when police arrived on the scene and made the same request, Rossi refused again, and was arrested for criminal trespass. At his court appearance two weeks later, a Philadelphia magazine reporter approached Rossi, who told reporters that he was not Mike Rossi. Rossis identity was immediately confirmed by a court official on the scene.


4. Arrest at a McGraw/Hill concert

On August 19, 2017, Rossi was arrested outside the Wells Fargo center after a Tim McGraw/Faith Hill concert for allegedly punching a 47-year-old woman. Rossi later posted to his Facebook page admitting he had "a hellish past 2 1/2 years," and "most of it I brought on myself and I take full responsibility."


5. Arrest after assaulting two officers

An Upper Gwynedd man is facing felony and misdemeanor assault charges following a domestic incident along the 700 block of Horseshoe Curve Circle on Sunday night.

According to the complaint, police were dispatched to the home at 8:34 p.m. for a report of a verbal domestic incident. Upon arrival, police made contact with 52-year-old Michael Rossi, who was described as dismissive and not wanting to talk to police, the report states. As one responding officer spoke with Rossi’s daughter about the incident, Rossi allegedly engaged in a verbal argument with a second officer that was on scene, and repeatedly attempted to physically assert himself over the officer, the report states.

Following the conversation with the daughter, the first officer attempted to squeeze past Rossi on the stairwell, at which point Rossi allegedly said" move b---h” and shoulder-checked the officer into the wall, police said. Police then attempted to take Rossi into custody, and a struggle ensued, according to the complaint.

Rossi eventually broke free from the struggle and sat down at the kitchen table, according to the report. When one of the officers approached him, Rossi allegedly struck the officer with an open-palm to the face, knocking the officer backwards, the report states.

The second officer then immediately deployed his taser, subduing Rossi and allowing police to take him into custody, according to the report.

As a result of the incident, Rossi has been charged with two felony counts of aggravated assault and two misdemeanor counts of simple assault, in addition to a misdemeanor count of resisting arrest and summary counts of disorderly conduct and harassment.

Rossi was arraigned on Jan. 6 by Magisterial District Judge Suzan Leonard, who set bail at $25.000 cash. He was then remanded to the Montgomery County Correctional Facility after failing to post bail, and his next court appearance is a preliminary hearing in front of Judge Leonard on Jan. 14 at noon.

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