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De spectaculis

De Spectaculis, also known as On the Spectacles or The Shows, is a surviving moral and ascetic treatise by Tertullian. Written somewhere between 197-202, the work looks at the moral legitimacy and consequences of Christians attending the circus, theatre, or amphitheatre. Tertullian argues that human enjoyment can be an offence to God. His view of these public entertainments is that they are a misuse of Gods creation and a perversion of the gifts God has given to man. He supports his claim by reminding the reader that these shows and spectacles derived from pagan ritual rites. This means th ...

Digital Maoism: The Hazards of the New Online Collectivism

In his online essay, in Edge magazine in May 2006, Lanier criticized the sometimes-claimed omniscience of collective wisdom including examples such as the Wikipedia article about himself, describing it as "digital Maoism". He writes "If we start to believe that the Internet itself is an entity that has something to say, were devaluing those people and making ourselves into idiots." His criticism aims at several targets which concern him and are at different levels of abstraction: sterile style of wiki writing is undesirable because it creates the false sense of authority behind the informa ...

Rozz Tox Manifesto

The Rozz Tox Manifesto is a 1980 essay by visual artist Gary Panter in which Panter rejects the notion of the artist as bohemian; instead, an artist is encouraged to work within capitalism to reach a larger market.

Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?

Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists? is a 1971 essay by American art historian Linda Nochlin. It is considered a pioneering essay for both feminist art history and feminist art theory.