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List of species described in 1921

Mordella moscoviensis Suphisellus rufulus Copelatus instriatus Cymindis kricheldorffi Capitocrassus castaneus Mordella bribiensis Boppeus fairmairei Mordella moscovia Mordellistena syntaenia Musius crassicornis Hestimoides striolatus Mecodema punctellum Enaretta conifera Exalphus biannulatus Paradoliops humerosa Mordella pragensis Calathus amplior Acanthoderes latevittatus Penaherreraus bilineatus Anthia babaulti Mordella longicauda Suphisellus hieroglyphicus Mordellistena incommunis Suphisellus similis Mordella pubescens Stenomorda notoensis Sagridola luteicornis Atyphella atra Suphisellu ...

List of species described in 2015

Anthocephalum odonnellae Megastrongygaster orbitalis: flies in new genus Megastrongygaster, tribe Strongygastrini, subfamily Phasiinae, family Tachinidae found in Bảo Loc, Lam Dồng, Vietnam. Anthocephalum papefayi Anthocephalum healyae Anthocephalum mattisi Anthocephalum meadowsi Anthocephalum jensenae Anthocephalum decrisantisorum: species in Anthocephalum, family Rhinobothriidae, order Rhinebothriidea, class Cestoda, phylum Platyhelminthes, kingdom Animalia Anthocephalum philruschi

List of species described in 2016

Anarsia houhunlii Anarsia pusillidia Anarsia diversiola Anarsia similicampa Hypogastia stekolnikovi Aselliscus dongbacana Carinopius albocoxalis Anarsia melanodes Anarsia porthmista Murina kontumensis Anarsia deuterodes Anarsia gryphodes Neoschoengastia vietnamensis Anarsia kepensis Carinopius Anarsia campestra Mahinda bo Homalium glandulosum Mahinda borneensis Tsukiyamaia Peliosanthes elegans Tupistra densiflora Tupistra patula Tsukiyamaia albimacula Mahinda sulawesiensis Peliosanthes kenhillii Peliosanthes aperta

List of agricultural pest nematode species

Aphelenchoides fragariae Anguina agrostis Achlysiella williamsi Anguina funesta Anguina australis Anguina amsinckiae Aphelenchoides parietinus Aphelenchoides ritzemabosi Anguina graminis Anguina balsamophila Anguina spermophaga Aphelenchoides arachidis Aphelenchoides subtenuis Anguina tritici Aphelenchoides besseyi

List of Lessepsian migrant species

Lessepsian migrants, named after Ferdinand de Lesseps, the French engineer in charge of the Suez Canals construction, are marine species that are native to the waters on one side of the Suez Canal, and which have been introduced by passage through the canal to the waters on its other side, giving rise to new colonies there and often becoming invasive. Most Lessepsian migrations are of Red Sea species invading the Mediterranean Sea; few occur in the opposite direction.

List of Nepenthes endophyte species

This list of Nepenthes endophytes is a listing of endophytes recorded from the internal tissues of Nepenthes pitcher plants; that is, organisms that live within the plants for at least part of their life cycles without causing apparent disease. The endophyte species are listed alphabetically and grouped by genus, family, and phylum. Additional information is included in brackets after the strain designation, namely: the host Nepenthes species from which the endophyte has been recorded; the geographical source of the record; and the type of tissue sampled.

List of eukaryotic picoplankton species

Pinguiococcus pyrenoidosus Andersen et al., 3 - 8 μm, marin Pinguiochrysis pyriformis Kawachi, 1 - 3 μm, marine

List of Potyvirus species

The List of Potyvirus species, as of the 2018 release of the ICTV database, contains 168 virus species within the genus. The type species is the Potato virus Y.


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