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  • The Kelsey Museum of Archaeology is a museum of archaeology located on the University of Michigan central campus in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in the United
  • their sales goes to support the British Museum Scholarly titles are published in the Research Publications series, all of which are peer - reviewed. This
  • research conducted by the publications department were such that the Museum should be an independent society. The Museum s publications which have now taken
  • results of this research are made available to the public through museum exhibits, publications and presentations. It was formally inaugurated on 30 June 2006
  • Houston community through programs, publications and media presentations. Each year, 1.25 million people benefit from museum s programs, workshops and resource
  • There are many types of museums including art museums natural history museums science museums war museums and children s museums Amongst the world s
  • as well as related socio - political aspects. In addition, the museum issues publications and holds special events in conjunction with the exhibitions.
  • The Queensland Museum is the state museum of Queensland, Australia. The museum currently operates from its headquarters and general museum in South Brisbane
  • A museum ship, also called a memorial ship, is a ship that has been preserved and converted into a museum open to the public for educational or memorial
  • Museum of Pennsylvania, members of the public, as well as official publications sometimes refer to the facility as the William Penn Memorial Museum
  • in the National Archaeological Museum Athens 2002 Nikolaos Kaltsas Getty Trust Publications J. Paul Getty Museum California, USA The Prehistoric
  • archive. The New Museum Digital Archive is an online resource that provides accessibility to primary sources from exhibitions, publications and programs