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Balatonring was to be a 4.650 km long motor racing circuit, located in Savoly, Hungary near Central and South Europes biggest lake Balaton. The circuit is located about 180 km away from Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. Spains Balatonring Zrt was to operate the racing circuit with 70% share owned by Worldwide Circuit Management S.L. and Magyar Turizmus Zrt. owning 30%. Spanish investment group Sedesa would have been the constructor at a cost of €80 million and seating for 110.000 to 140.000 would have been constructed. Construction work on the 200 million Euro project had started on 6 ...

Parken Arena

A new arena built next to Parken Stadium in Copenhagen was expected to be completed by December 2010. Due to the financial crisis and a bad annual result in 2009, Parken Sport & Entertainment chose to abolish the project. The arena was designed by Hou + Partnere Arkitekter. The arena was first named after the financial group Capinordic, but the company withdrew their sponsorship in January 2010. It would have had a capacity of 4.500 at sport events and 8.500 for concerts and other cultural events. The total area would be about 13.000 square metres. The arena was supposed to be home ground ...

Port Imperial Street Circuit

The Port Imperial Street Circuit was a 2011 plan for a 3.2-mile motor racing circuit in Weehawken and West New York, New Jersey, in the United States, to be constructed on the Hudson Waterfront around Weehawken Port Imperial.


Rodkleiva is a hill located in Nordmarka in Oslo, Norway. It was taken into use as a slalom hill in 1947 and was used for the combined event of the Holmenkollen Ski Festival eleven times between 1947 and 1963. It hosted the slalom events for the 1952 Winter Olympics, which saw a crowd of at least 25.000 spectators. The Olympic course was 422.5 meters long and had a drop of 169 meters. The course gradually fell into disrepair and was closed in 1988. The hill has several times been launched as a potential location for a ski jumping hill. The first idea came in 1912; later options to replace ...


ⓘ Unbuilt sports venues

  • Wolfes Pond is filled with salt water Staten Island Live Sept 7, 2011 Unbuilt Wolfes Pond Parkway NYCRoads.com Photos of Wolfes Pond Park Coordinates:
  • be held and was part of a municipal strategy to market Oslo as a winter sports destination. In 1987, a proposal was made for the Holmenkollen area to become
  • was announced as a training venue for the tournaments. The use of the as - yet unbuilt Workington Community Stadium as a venue was thrown into doubt after
  • List of sports venues in Portland, Oregon Kingdome, a similar design built in Seattle, Washington in 1976 Portland Beavers Ballpark, another unbuilt stadium
  • Amanda 25 October 2011 Announcing the Grand Prix Of America Aerys Sports Archived from the original on 25 April 2012. Retrieved 27 October 2011
  • and a new beginning accessed July 5, 2010 Miller, Jay. The biggest unbuilt projects of the last 30 years Crain s Cleveland Business. Retrieved July
  • transformed into a basketball field for the home games, seats being built and unbuilt before and after every game. As Elan Bearnais Orthez became a successful
  • selected as a bidding venue in the winning Canada Mexico United States bid because the organizing committee left unbuilt venues out of its final evaluations
  • A new arena built next to Parken Stadium in Copenhagen was expected to be completed by December 2010. Due to the financial crisis and a bad annual result
  • The decision to place a new sports and concert venue in such close proximity to MSG, where it would hamper the older venue s ability to secure concerts
  • Northwest Arkansas Sports and Entertainment Arena was a planned 9, 000 - seat multi - purpose arena in Rogers, Arkansas. It would have been completed in 2008