ⓘ Impossibility Challenger is an event in which amateurs and professionals meet, and try to excel, with records and world records set up. The event takes place in ..


ⓘ Impossibility Challenger

Impossibility Challenger is an event in which amateurs and professionals meet, and try to excel, with records and world records set up. The event takes place in different locations each year, mostly in Europe, and is organized by the Sri Chinmoy Centres.


1. History

The event was created 1982 by Sri Chinmoy. The first events were held in Zurich, Switzerland from 1982 to 1991. From 2002 to 2010 it took place close to Munich, later two times in New Zealand and one time in Hungary. In 2014 it was in Leiria, Portugal and in November 2015 and 2016 it was held in Berlin, Germany. 2017 in the Czech Republic, 2018 in Leiria, Portugal and the next holding is planned in the Netherlands on November 2019.


2. Extract of world records

  • 2009 Ramon Campayo Spain correctly memorized a 34-digit binary number in only 0.5 seconds
  • 2015 Karteek Clark Scotland told the most jokes in an hour: 587
  • 2014 Charuhasi Eckhard Schroder Germany recited 3.148 poems by heart in a period of 34 hours
  • 2008 Ralf Laue Germany blew a regular golf ball over a distance of 3.284 metres with one breath
  • 2015 Samalya Arthur Schafer Germany runs the fastest mile in swim fins in 5 minutes, 33 seconds
  • 2006 Milan Roskopf Slovakia juggles three 10kg shots for 15.8 seconds
  • 2016 Abhinabha Tangermann Netherlands did the most one-hand-claps with one hand in a minute: 427
  • 2002 Agim Agushi Kosovo is heading a football continuously for 15 km in 3:12:29 hours
  • 2014 Albert Walter tore a Phonebook with 1551 pages in 9.38 seconds
  • 2010 Ranjit Pal India 255 rope skips in one minute
  • 2006 Vaibhava Jewgenij Kuschnow Austria sets a world record by holding a headstand on a driving car for 21:20 min
  • 2016 Radek Rosa Czech Republic pulled a tractor with a weight of 10075.8 tons for 20 metres in 2.025 minutes
  • 2005 Shamita Achenbach-Konig sets a world record by playing Cello for 24 hours she played over 4.000 pieces
  • 2015 Belachew Girma Ethiopia set a world record laughing non-stop for 3 hours, 35 min and 30 seconds
  • 2008 Rainer Schroder Germany pulled a small truck of 7t for 28.15 metres in 1 minute with his teeth
  • 2010 Anavi Jenniver Davies Canada sets a world record by whistling 24 hours
  • 2008 Ashrita Furman US sets a world record by run the fastest mile on stilts in 7:13 min
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