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List of hospital ships of the Brazilian Navy

The Brazilian Navy has three hospital ships, officially called Infirmary Assistance Ship, which are designed specifically to provide medical assistance on rivers having shallow waters. They have a helipad and carry two launches that can extend the vessels reach into even shallower and narrower waters than the parent vessels can access. The vessels have two sickbays with a total of six berths, an operating theater, up to three dental offices, a laboratory, two clinics, and X-ray facilities. U-16 Doutor Montenegro U-18 Oswaldo Cruz U-19 Carlos Chagas The vessels main characteristics are: Ful ...

List of hospitals in Brazil

There are 105 hospitals in Brazil, a total of 480.332 hospital bed. 66% of hospitals are private, and the remaining 34% are state or Federal, state or municipal hospitals. This is a list of hospitals in Brazil. Hospital Unimed Rio de Janeiro. Hospital Vitoria to Rio de Janeiro. Jewish Hospital Albert Einstein In Sao Paulo. The hospital samaritano, excellent, Rio de Janeiro. Hospital clinical de Porto Alegre, Porto Alegre. Hospital Das clinical da University of são Paulo, são Paulo. Hospital Sirio-Libanes In Sao Paulo. Hospital Daher, Lago Sul. Hospital Barra dor, Rio de Janeiro. Clinic SEU ...


ⓘ Brazil health-related lists

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