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Effect of spaceflight on the human body

Venturing into the environment of space can have negative effects on the human body. Significant adverse effects of long-term weightlessness include muscle atrophy and deterioration of the skeleton. Other significant effects include a slowing of cardiovascular system functions, decreased production of red blood cells, balance disorders, eyesight disorders and changes in the immune system. Additional symptoms include fluid redistribution, loss of body mass, nasal congestion, sleep disturbance, and excess flatulence. The engineering problems associated with leaving Earth and developing space ...

Adverse health effects from lunar dust exposure

The respirable fraction of lunar dusts may be toxic to humans. NASA has therefore determined that an exposure standard is necessary to limit the amount of respirable airborne lunar dusts to which astronauts will be exposed. The nominal toxicity that is expected from ordinary mineral dust may be increased for lunar dusts due to the large and chemically reactive surfaces of the dust grains. Human exposures to mineral dusts during industrial operations and from volcanic eruptions give researchers some sense of the relative toxicity of lunar dust, although the Earth-based analogs have serious ...


Bioinstrumentation or Biomedical Instrumentation is an application of biomedical engineering, which focuses on the devices and mechanics used to measure, evaluate, and treat biological systems. It focuses on the use of multiple sensors to monitor physiological characteristics of a human or animal. Such instrumentation originated as a necessity to constantly monitor vital signs of Astronauts during NASAs Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions. Bioinstrumentation is a new and upcoming field, concentrating on treating diseases and bridging together the engineering and medical worlds. The majori ...

Effects of sleep deprivation in space

Studies, which include laboratory investigations and field evaluations of population groups that are analogous to astronauts, provide compelling evidence that working long shifts for extended periods of time contributes to sleep deprivation and can cause performance decrements, health problems, and other detrimental consequences, including accidents, that can affect both the worker and others.

Rodent Research Hardware System

NASAs Rodent Research Hardware System provides a research platform aboard the International Space Station for long-duration experiments on rodents in space. Such experiments will examine how microgravity affects the rodents, providing information relevant to human spaceflight, discoveries in basic biology, and knowledge that can help treat human disease on Earth.

Space psychology

Space psychology refers to applying psychology to advise human spaceflight. This includes applying industrial and organizational psychology to team selection, individual and team mental preparation, team training, and ongoing psychological support, and applying human factors and ergonomics to the construction of spacecraft to ensure sufficient habitability.


ⓘ Spaceflight health effects

  • muscle atrophy and deterioration of the skeleton spaceflight osteopenia Other significant effects include a slowing of cardiovascular system functions
  • human spaceflight missions are under study by national space agencies and others. In October 2015, the NASA Office of Inspector General issued a health hazards
  • Spaceflight or space flight is ballistic flight into or through outer space. Spaceflight can occur with spacecraft with or without humans on board. Yuri
  • teamwork, there is an assortment of psychological and sociological effects of spaceflight that needs to be addressed in order to plan for successful space
  • Human spaceflight also referred to as manned spaceflight is space travel with a crew or passengers aboard the spacecraft. Spacecraft carrying people
  • 065. hdl: 2060 20070030109. Health hazards of lunar dust Solving Settlement Problems: Dealing with Moon Dust Health effects of lunar dust: a gathering
  • being studied for ameliorating the effects of this radiation hazard for planned human interplanetary spaceflight Spacecraft can be constructed out of
  • microgravity affects the rodents, providing information relevant to human spaceflight discoveries in basic biology, and knowledge that can help treat human
  • Private spaceflight is a spaceflight or the development of new spaceflight technology that is conducted and paid for by an entity other than a government
  • gravitational field can harm human health and understanding such harm is essential for successful manned spaceflight Potential effects on the central nervous system
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