ⓘ Elementary realism. The realism is derived from real word. This school emerged in the nineteenth century. The realism is based on realism and the subject was ma ..


ⓘ Elementary realism

The realism is derived from real word. This school emerged in the nineteenth century. The realism is based on realism and the subject was made in contemporary society. The emergence factors of This school include:

1. The not-so-famous writers and artists who lived in the Latin Quarter of Paris and made a mock of romantics.

2. Barbizon School painters of the Italian classical tradition that was common at that time, Considered obsolete. And called for direct observation of nature. And reacted against the romantices reality escape.


1. The realism elementary

This type of realism begins with the works of Balzac. Elementary realism is committed itself to renewal accurate, complete and honestly social environment and the contemporary world, But this renewal is very simple and a pattern is not offered. In addition, Elementary realism is pessimistic and disappointed about the future. Works that were written in this school include, War and Peace by Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoyevskys Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov. Cape short story written by Nikolai Gogol as a fine example for elementary realism.

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  • Janko Brasic. His earliest works portraits date from 1933. Rustic elementary realism is his way of expressing primordial relations with his surroundings
  • Leningrad: Khudozhnik RSFSR, 1980. - p. 28. Sergei V. Ivanov. Unknown Socialist Realism The Leningrad School - Saint Petersburg: NP - Print Edition, 2007. pp
  • surrealist - influenced to photo - realist - influenced. He used the term Perceptual Realism and later perceptualism to describe his style. He began working with
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  • other it is the rejection of universals. The opposite of nominalism is realism Plato was perhaps the first writer in Western philosophy to clearly state
  • literary style known as magical realism Bontempelli graduated from the University of Turin in 1903. He taught elementary school for seven years, doing
  • Film and Video Festival and Ferland was individually commended on the realism he brought to the film with underwater photography, while he was awarded
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