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Index of geography articles

This page is a list of geography topics. Geography is the study of the world and of the distribution of life on the earth, including human life and the effects of human activity. Geography research addresses both the questions of where, as well as why, geographical phenomena occur. Geography is a diverse field that seeks to understand the world and all of its human and natural complexities - not merely where objects are, but how they came to be, and how they have changed since then.

List of presidential trips made by Ilham Aliyev

This article consists of the list of international official and work trips made by Ilham Aliyev, the fourth and current President of Azerbaijan, during the terms of his presidency.

List of international prime ministerial trips made by Jacinda Ardern

This is a list of international prime ministerial trips made by Jacinda Ardern, the 40th Prime Minister of New Zealand. As of December 2019, Jacinda Ardern has made sixteen international trips to eighteen sovereign countries, two associated states and one dependent territory of New Zealand, since her premiership began on 26 October 2017.

List of geographical bottoms

Bottom is used in the name of several geographical features: Bottom Wood, 14.5-hectare 36-acre woodland in the English county of Buckinghamshire, near the hamlet of Studley Green Bottom Creek, West Virginia, unincorporated community in McDowell County, West Virginia, USA Bottom Bay, on the southeast coast of Barbados, between Cave Bay and Palmetto Bay Bottom, North Carolina, small unincorporated community in the Stewarts Creek Township of northern Surry County, North Carolina Bottom Points railway station, New South Wales, railway station on the Zig Zag Railway in the Blue Mountains area o ...

List of geographical brows

Brow is used in the name of several geographical features: Hill Brow, small village in the Chichester District of West Sussex, England Brow Head Irish: Ceann Bro is the most southerly point of mainland Ireland Berry Brow, semi-rural village in West Yorkshire, England, situated about 3 km south of Huddersfield Shaws Brow, the original name of William Brown Street in Liverpool, England, a road remarkable for the number of public buildings Sunny Brow or Sunnybrow, village in County Durham, in England Swing Brow or Swingbrow, hamlet near to Chatteris, Cambridgeshire lying alongside the Forty F ...