ⓘ Women in medicine ..

Michele Barry

Michele Barry is Director of the Stanford University Center for Innovation in Global Health, and in 2018 was awarded the Elizabeth Blackwell Medal by the American Medical Womens Association.

Ambika Bumb

Ambika Bumb is the CEO and Founder of Bikanta. Bumb is a nanomedicine specialist and Marshall Scholar whose work spans uses of a variety of types of nanotechnology for the detection of treatment of disease. Her discoveries using nanodiamonds while working as postdoctoral researcher at the National Cancer Institute and the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute led to the launch of the biotech Bikanta.

Dorothea Chalmers Smith

Dr Elizabeth Dorothea Chalmers Smith nee Lyness was a pioneer doctor and a militant Scottish suffragette. She was imprisoned for eight months for breaking and entering, and attempted arson, where she went on hunger strike.

Lois DeBakey

Lois DeBakey was a Lebanese-American professor of scientific communications at Baylor College of Medicine and Tulane University School of Medicine and with her sister Selma, created the first medical school communication courses that were curriculum-approved. DeBakey served on the National Library of Medicine Board of Regents and was the sister of Michael DeBakey, the cardiovascular surgeon and medical educator.

Selma DeBakey

Selma DeBakey was a Lebanese-American professor of scientific communication at Baylor College of Medicine and improved the field of medical writing and editing by designing and teaching courses to help doctors improve their academic writing and provide clear and concise medical information to patients. Selma worked closely with two of her siblings at Baylor College of Medicine, sister Lois DeBakey, a professor of scientific communication, and brother Michael DeBakey, a cardiovascular surgeon.

Fiona Denison

Fiona Denison is a Professor and Honorary Consultant in Maternal and Fetal Medicine at the University of Edinburgh, founder of Birthing Solutions Ltd, and creator of the Birth Mirror.