ⓘ Jamugurihat is a town and a town area committee in Sonitpur district, in the Indian state of Assam. This is a newly planned city area by the Urban Development A ..


ⓘ Jamugurihat

Jamugurihat is a town and a town area committee in Sonitpur district, in the Indian state of Assam. This is a newly planned city area by the Urban Development Authority of Assam. The town is located north of the Brahmaputra River. It is the location of the 200-year-old Baresahariya Bhaona festival.


1. Geography

Jamugurihat is located on the north bank of the Brahmaputra River, 244 kilometres 152 mi from Guwahati, the capital of Assam, and 50 kilometres 31 mi east of Tezpur. Agriculture & allied occupation constitute the rural economy besides a large chunk of people engaged in Tea cultivation. Jamugurihat is a newly planned city with 19.743 population according to the 2011 Census where has 52 villages’ with different communities like Assamese, Nepali, Bengali, Muslim etc. with different religions. In Jamugurihat have more than 60 Namghar and Temples. In Jamugurihat, approximately 15% of people are doing Govt. Services, 35% of people are doing some different types of Business and another 50% of people are depending on different types of Agriculture. Jamugurihat lies between Kani Dekorai and Jiya Bhoroli River. Sijusa Picnic spot is situated at Northern part of Jamugurihat & The 6th edition of Kaziranga is extended up to Panpur the southern part of Jamugurihat.


1.1. Geography Climate

Jamugurihat has moderate to warm climate in summer and with cooler temperatures in the winter months. The temperature during the period would be 18 to 23 degrees C. The climate makes Jamugurihat a very good place for various types of agriculture.


2. Educational Institute

Jamugurihat has more than 200 nos Govt. L.P. School, 20 nos Govt. M.E. School, 8 nos of Govt. High School and 4Nos Govt. Higher Secondary Schools. Some English medium Private sector schools are also available in this area. Jamuguri Higher Secondary School is Estd. In the year 1925 and situated Near NH-52 Now named as NH-15 and 1.5 km. from Jamugurihat main Centre which is the oldest school of this area. In Jamugurihat have only one Govt college name is Tyagbir Hem Baruah College. Tyagbir Hem Baruah College established in 1963 is the only institute of higher education in the greater Naduar area. Situated in the picturesque surroundings alongside the NH-52.and 3 km. east side from Jamugurihat main Centre in the Sonitpur district, the college is named after Hem Barua Tyagbir1893-1945 a renowned freedom fighter of the freedom movement of India. Born to Gopal ch. Baruah and Padmawati Baruah at Tezpur. Hem Baruah offered his public service as G.S. to the Cotton College Student Union president of the Golaghat convention of the Assam Chatra Sanmilan 1919 and took part actively in the Freedom Movement and went to Jail for six months in 1921. He was elected Secretary of the Assam pradesh Congress Committee 1922 and went again to Jail in 1930 & 1933. The people of Jamugurihat dedicated their only institute of higher learning, Tyagbir Hem Baruah College in the memory of this great and honest freedom fighter of the state. The College has been playing a vital role in providing higher education to the students of Naduar area since inception. The College imparts both Science and Arts faculties.


3. Culture of Jamugurihat

Jamugurihat is the town of Assamese Culture. This place is specially known for the famous cultural monument Baresahariya Bhaona, Borpukhuripar Mukoli Bihu, kuchgaonor kalio Domon Bhowna etc.


4. Borpukhuripar Mukoli Bihu

Bihu Assamese: বিহু denotes a set of three different cultural festivals of Assam and is celebrated by the Assamese diasporas around the world. Though they owe their origins to ancient rites and practices, they have taken definite urban features and have become popular festivals in urban and commercialized milieus in the recent decades. One includes the Assamese New Year celebrated in April. Bihu is also used to imply Bihu dance and Bihu folk songs. The Rongali Bihu or the Bohag Bihu is an important festival of Assam. The most important festivals of Assam are the Bihus, celebrated with fun in abundance by all Assamese people irrespective of caste, creed, and belief.

Jamugurihat is also famous for its Bihu. The famous bihu of Jamugurihat is Borpukhuripar Mukoli bihu. Peoples of Jamugurihat celebrate the Borpukhuripar Mukholi Bihu very responsively. This festival is held every year in the month of April. This festival is arranged by a bihu committee in an open field. This field is situated at 3 km. South east from Jamuguri center. More than 30 Bihu groups participate in this festival at a time from different places of Assam.


5. Kaliadomon Bhowna

Jamugurihat is famous for Bhawna. All villagers of this area celebrated the bhawna in memories of Mahapurush Shankardeva and Mahapurush Madhabdeva. Another most popular Bhowna in jamugurihat is Kochgaon Kaliadomon bhowna which is held on every year of Shankardeva Tithi at Kochgaon Namghar. It is situated north side of Jamugurihat and distance 2.5 km. from Jamugurihat Centre. The Bhowna is very faithfully observed by villagers. Almost all of the people of Jamugurihat and outside devotees are faithfully observed this Bhowna.


6. Buka Khesa Bhowna

Another popular cultural event in Jamugurihat is Buka Khesa Bhowna which is every year held on the west side 3 km. from Jamugurihat Centre in the village of Patalarchuk. In this year, the Bhowna is successfully completed 256 years. This Bhowna is different from another types of Bhownas. In this Bhowna, the people of the Patalarchuk village make a pond and mix water and soil and make into mud, the villagers then go inside the pond and play the Bhowna, where they throw the mud to each other.


7. Sights of Jamugurihat

Pithaguri Dol

It is situated in Karchantola Area. As per historical observation in the age of king Arimatta, this dol was built with Pithaguri Rice Powder.

Sukan Pukhuri

It was also dig by King Arimatta. But there is no water in the pond.

Hukai Pukhuri

This was another historical pond of Jamugurihat which was situated in Gamiripal. This pond was dug by one Hukai Bhuyan to bath his daughters.

Shukleswar Dewalaya

It was built by King Rudrasingha situated at Kochgaon.

Bura Gosain Dewalaya

It was also built by King Rudrasingha at Ahom Era. It is situated at Nandikeswar gaon.

Norowa Than

Located at Dhekerigaon, near Karchantola. Years ago the Mahapurush Shankardeva trained baishnavi Culture to bhaktas. There is an oldest well in the area, which was used by Shankardeva for drinking water.


8. Cultural Centre of Jamugurihat

Shankari Kala kristi vikash Kendra

An institute relates with Shankari Sanskriti Established by Srimanta Sankardev Sangha Jamuguri Branch is situated nearby Jamuguri Higher Secondary school.


8.1. Cultural Centre of Jamugurihat Bapuji Bhawan Natya Samaj

Bapuji Bhawan Natya Samaj is a Society of Jamugurihat which is situated at Near Evening daily Market and in front of Jamuguri Govt. Hospital. This bhawan has a Committee who care the bhawan. They are arranged some drammer and other programme in this Bhawan.


8.2. Cultural Centre of Jamugurihat Abhijatri Kala Kendra

It is the main Cultural Institute of Jamugurihat. It is situated at the main centre of Jamugurihat side of National Highway 15 India and in front of P.W.D. Bungalow Jamugurihat. Abhijatri Kala Kendra trained the students of Jamugurihat in various cultures like Satriya Nitya, Vocal, Drama, Art etc. which develop the students in cultural line.


8.3. Cultural Centre of Jamugurihat Shankari Kala kristi vikash Kendra

An institute relates with Shankari Sanskriti Established by Srimanta Sankardev Sangha Jamuguri Branch is situated nearby Jamuguri Higher Secondary school.


8.4. Cultural Centre of Jamugurihat Abhilash Kala Kendra

It is a branch of Abhiyatri Kala Kendra and presently the branch is temporarily doing its activities in Fine Arts, Vocal in North Jamuguri M.E girls high school. Till now, the branch has not got any Govt Aid to establish a permanent training center for hundred of students/children.


8.5. Cultural Centre of Jamugurihat Acting Academy

This Academy was established in Dhalaibil centre few years ago by an ambitious youth group to make a good environment of Acting Art. The academy basically worked for one act drama and participates in one act drama competition in various part of India every year and has been awarded many times by judge. Sisir Borthakur, a cultural worker, who is now the Chairman of this Institution.

Jagadhatri Temple Bamunbari More than 120 years


9. Business

It is a very good place for business people. Jamugurihat have a business union Estd. In 1975, its name was Jamuguri Merchant Association and now it is known as Jamuguri Business Union. In Jamugurihat centre have more than 200nos of shop in different types. A weekly market is going on every Thursday, where different types of businessman come from different places like Tezpur, Balipara, Biswanath chariali etc. The villagers of backward side of Jamugurihat like Kathpura, Laletapu, Gamiripal, depend on this market which main income source is agriculture. They are coming to this market for sales of their agricultural yields.


10. Govt. & Semi Govt. Organization

Many govt. offices are available in Jamugurihat. Jamugurihat has a Police Station near the Jamuguri centre, which also cares Jamugurian people. Fire station is available in Jamugurihat. It is situated on the back side of Jamuguri Higher Secondary School, which served to help the big area of Jamugurihat every time. Jamugurihat has one Government Hospital with 30 bed capacity. Jamugurihat has 5 Nationalize banks that always care the people from financial transaction. One main Post Office and 3 sub post offices are also available in Jamugurihat. One branch of State Bank of India is newly established Bank in Jamugurihat.