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Artmedia was one of the first scientific projects concerning the relationship between art, technology, philosophy and aesthetics. It was founded in 1985 at the University of Salerno. For over two decades, until 2009, dozens of projects, studies, exhibitions and conferences on new technologies made Artmedia a reference point for many internationally renowned scholars and artists, and contributed to the growing cultural interest in the aesthetics of media, the aesthetics of networks, and their ethical and anthropological implications.

David Bowie Is

David Bowie Is was a touring museum exhibit displaying history, artifacts and information about the life, music, films, tours, and art of English singer-songwriter and actor David Bowie. The show opened in March 2013 at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and ended in July 2018 at the Brooklyn Museum in New York City. Over its 5-year run, it stopped at 12 museums around the world and attracted over 2 million visitors. At each museum, the exhibit displayed about 500 objects, often with a few hundred unique to that particular museum. An accompanying documentary film, also titled David ...

Disco: A Decade of Saturday Nights

Disco: A Decade of Saturday Nights, organized by Experience Music Project in Seattle, Washington, was the first major museum exhibition to explore the rich, complex world of disco. Pulsating with light and sound, the exhibit followed disco from its beginnings in New York club culture to the fad created by Saturday Night Fever, the ensuing backlash, and discos influential afterlife. The show included the drum kit used by Earl Young, the inventor of the disco beat; the Plexiglas guitar played by Nile Rodgers of Chic; one of Saturday Night Fever s famous white suits; a selection of photograph ...

EVA Conferences

The Electronic Visualisation and the Arts conferences are a series of international interdisciplinary conferences mainly in Europe, but also elsewhere in the world, for people interested in the application of information technology to the cultural and especially the visual arts field, including art galleries and museums.

Gladiators – Heroes of the Colosseum

Gladiators – Heroes of the Colosseum is an international travelling exhibition from Italy on Roman gladiators. The exhibition portrays the Roman Empire and the gladiator games. The exhibition has so far been exhibited at Aarhus, Denmark, at Ottawa, Canada, and at the Queensland Museum in Brisbane, Australia, and is currently being displayed in Jonkoping, Sweden until August 2018, after which it will be held at the Musee de la Romanite in Nimes, France. So far it has been seen by over 500.000 attendees. For every new exhibition, new segments are added.

Long Night of Museums

The Long Night of Museums is a cultural event in which museums and cultural institutions in an area cooperate to remain open late into the night to introduce themselves to new potential patrons. Visitors are given a common entrance pass which grants them access to all exhibits as well as complimentary public transportation within the area. The first Long Night of Museums German: Lange Nacht der Museen took place in Berlin in 1997. The concept has been very well received, and since then the number of participating institutions and exhibitions has risen dramatically, spreading to over 120 ot ...


ⓘ Museum events

  • the museum The events programmes and activities at the museum aim to provoke questions, challenge prejudice, and encourage understanding. The museum a
  • There are many types of museums including art museums natural history museums science museums war museums and children s museums Amongst the world s
  • Vintage Grill Car Museum is a car museum and restaurant in Weatherford, Texas. It is located at 202 Fort Worth Highway, where it occupies a circa - 1930s
  • these events a heritage bus service from Manchester Victoria station to the museum runs every 20 minutes between 09: 50 and 17: 00. The Museum of Transport
  • valuable. Museums may fly their aircraft in air shows or other aviation related events accepting the risk that flying them entails. Some museums have sets
  • The museum runs an evening lecture series on Tuesdays throughout the university term time, and also participates in national and international events such
  • series based in Austin. The Bullock Museum offers a year - round calendar of programs and events Large - scale community events include H - E - B Free First Sunday
  • programs and events Many focus on creationist concepts or more broadly on Christian themes and teachings. Some of the museum s events have met with
  • Owsley Museum of Art and the statue of Beneficence by Daniel Chester French. The museum hosts multiple events throughout the year. Some events are reoccurring
  • events for families to attend. Some events include performances, workshops, films, lectures, different types of fundraising, and food drink events