ⓘ Freedom Fund. The Freedom Fund is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to identifying and investing in the most effective frontline efforts to end ..


ⓘ Freedom Fund

The Freedom Fund is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to identifying and investing in the most effective frontline efforts to end slavery. In 2017, the International Labour Organization reported that on any given day in 2016, there were 40 million people living in modern slavery worldwide across a wide range of industries.

The Freedom Fund was founded in September 2013, by three leading anti-slavery donors, Humanity United, the Legatum Foundation and the Walk Free Foundation and officially announced by President Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative on September 26, 2013 where he declared "this is a huge deal and we should all support this."


1. Freedom Fund’s Mission and Values

The Freedom Fund has set a target of raising USD $100million by 2020 and investing it to bring about much needed strategic focus to the fight against modern slavery. To achieve this, The Freedom Fund has focused its activities on three main areas:

Hotspot projects – The Freedom Fund partners with frontline organisations to directly combat slavery in defined regions with a high concentration of slavery. They do this by setting up "hotspot" projects - clusters of the most effective community-based organisations in these regions. Partnering with these organisations in some of the worlds poorest and most marginalised communities is difficult, demanding and time intensive, but it is also one of the most effective ways to achieve large scale and sustainable change. The Freedom Funds northern India hotspot has been in place since 2014, and as of December 2017, had liberated over 11.000 people from modern slavery. The Freedom Funds hotspots are located in central Nepal, Ethiopia, northern India, south-eastern Nepal, southern India and Thailand. Global initiatives - The Freedom Fund tackles underlying systems that allow slavery to persist. They do this in their hotspots, engaging the government, private sector, media, social movements, and other key drivers of change. They also do it by catalysing action on selected global issues and industries that have a direct link to their hotspots. This allows the Freedom Fund to tackle systemic issues like slavery in fishing, migration, or to help develop new technological tools or legal initiatives. In March 2015, the Freedom Fund and C&A Foundation announced a partnership to tackle forced labour in the textile industry. Movement building initiatives - The Freedom Fund helps to build and empower a global anti-slavery movement, providing the platforms, tools and knowledge for organisations to connect and work together more effectively.

2. Leadership

The Freedom Funds inaugural CEO, Nick Grono, has written articles on modern slavery for the Huffington Post, Newsweek, and The Guardian as well as contributed to the Freedom Fund blog. Grono previously served as Deputy President and COO of the Brussels-based International Crisis Group and as CEO of the Walk Free Foundation, an international anti-slavery organisation. During his tenure, the Walk Free Foundation built a global anti-slavery movement with over five million supporters and launched the first ever Global Slavery Index. Grono joined Freedom Fund in December 2013.


3. Impact

In keeping with the Freedom Fund’s investment roots, they take their role in evaluating impact very seriously. They direct resources to anti-slavery initiatives across the world where they can make the biggest difference, measure what works, learn from unexpected results, and share knowledge.

As of June 2019 the Freedom Fund had:

  • Impacted 580.848 lives
  • Liberated 24.277 people from modern slavery
  • Helped 53.782 previously out-of-school children to receive formal or non-formal education

4. Reports

  • January 2016: Modern slavery and corruption
  • April 2016: Funding the fight against modern slavery
  • March 2015: Putting justice first
  • December 2015: Ending impunity, securing justice: Using strategic litigation to combat modern-day slavery and human trafficking
  • October 2016: Fighting impunity, securing justice: Investing in strategic litigation to combat modern slavery
  • April 2018: Impact in 2017, Plans for 2018 2017 Annual Impact Report
  • February 2016: Safer labour migration and community-based prevention of exploitation: The state of the evidence for programming
  • October 2015: Addressing mental health needs in survivors of modern slavery: A critical review and research agenda
  • November 2016: Freedom Fund Brochure: Our vision is a world free of slavery
  • April 2015: 2014 Annual impact report
  • November 2016: Modern slavery and trafficking in conflict: The UNs response
  • May 2016: 2015 Annual Impact Report
  • December 2015: Fighting modern slavery: Why role for international criminal justice
  • April 2016: Struggling to survive: Slavery and exploitation of Syrian refugees in Lebanon
  • May 2016: Assessing government and business responses to the Thai seafood crisis
  • January 2018: Her freedom, her voice: Insights from the Freedom Fund’s work with women and girls
  • May 2017: 2016 Annual Impact Report
  • December 2015: Unshackling development: Why we need a global partnership to end modern slavery

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