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Cerebral folate deficiency

Cerebral folate deficiency is a condition in which concentrations of 5-methyltetrahydrofolate are low in the brain as measured in the cerebral spinal fluid despite being normal in the blood. Symptoms typically appear at about 5 to 24 months of age. Without treatment there may be poor muscle tone, trouble with coordination, trouble talking, and seizures. One cause of cerebral folate deficiency is a mutation in a gene responsible for folate transport, specifically FOLR1. This is inherited from a persons parents in an autosomal recessive manner. Other causes appear to be Kearns–Sayre syndrome ...

Cost per procedure

Cost per procedure, sometimes known as price per procedure, is a medical pricing model which describes the average cost of receiving a certain medical procedure.


Debunkify is a campaign established in July 2006 aimed at dispelling tobacco and secondhand smoke misconceptions in the state of Ohio. A mobile marketing tour, complete with a Debunkify-branded vehicle and a team of brand ambassadors, canvassed Ohio on a 10-month run, with the aim of debunking tobacco myths and correcting tobacco misconceptions at each of its stops. Throughout June 2007, 17 participating standTunz artists battled it out online for a chance to play at the Myth Farewell Tour Main Event.


Deconditioning is adaptation of an organism to less demanding environment, or, alternatively, the decrease of physiological adaptation to normal conditions. Decondition may result from decreased physical activity, prescribed bed rest, orthopedic casting, paralysis, aging, etc. A particular interest in the study of deconditioning is in aerospace medicine, to diagnose, fight, and prevent adverse effects of the conditions of space flight. Deconditioning due to decreased physical effort results in muscle loss, including heart muscles. Deconditioning due to lack of gravity or non-standard gravi ...

Dirty dog exercise

Dirty dog exercise or hip side lifts or fire hydrant exercise is an exercise that is meant to strengthen the hips and buttocks, without the use of weights. It is so named due to resemblance to the way a dog urinates. The exercise also improves core stability.

Distributional cost-effectiveness analysis

Distributional cost-effectiveness analysis is an extension of cost-effectiveness analysis that incorporates concern for both the average levels of outcomes as well as the distribution of outcomes. It is particularly useful when evaluating interventions to tackle health inequality. DCEA includes Extended Cost Effectiveness Analysis, which in addition to standard CEA assesses the costs and effectiveness for different socioeconomic groups.

Maria Dudycz

Maria Dudycz is an Australian health professional and advocate for people with disabilities. Dudycz is most notable for her work developing the Victorian Disability Act 2006. Throughout her career, Dudyczs medical experience has seen her receive a number of Federal Government appointments. These include chairing the Advisory Panel on the marketing in Australia of Infant Formula from 2001 until 2005, and directing the National Health and Medical Research Councils Breast Cancer Centre from 2001 until 2003. Dudycz also chaired the Australasian College of Legal Medicine from 1998 until 2003. I ...


EudraVigilance is the European data processing network and management system for reporting and evaluation of suspected adverse reactions to medicines which have been authorised or being studied in clinical trials in the European Economic Area. The European Medicines Agency operates the system on behalf of the European Union medicines regulatory network. The European EudraVigilance system deals with the: EudraVigilance Clinical Trial Module EVCTM for reporting Suspected Unexpected Serious Adverse Reactions SUSARs. Electronic exchange of Individual Case Safety Reports ICSR, based on the ICH ...

Maria Nieves Garcia-Casal

Dr Maria de las Nieves Garcia-Casal), is the first nutritionist and first woman to lead the Latin American Society of Nutrition as its President during the period 2012 to 2015 She is currently the President of the Venezuelan Chapter of the Society for the period 2014–2016. Her research includes iron nutrition and also the assessment of marine algae as a source of food for humans. She was the head of the Center of Experimental Medicine at Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research in Caracas, Venezuela. Currently she works as scientist at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerla ...