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Thomas Gerrard (RAF officer)

Major Thomas Francis Netterville Gerrard was a British World War I flying ace credited with 10 aerial victories. He died following a post-war equestrian accident.

Carlos Gracida

Gracida was born in Mexico City. As a product of the Gracida polo dynasty, Carlos began playing when he was only five years old and began competing at the age of ten. His father Guillermo was a 9-goaler who played in Meadowbrook and Palermo in Argentina and still enjoyed the distinction of 5-goals at the age of 65. Gracida first reached 10 goals in 1985, and spent over fifteen years at this handicap. He was a member of Ellerstina, the legendary team owned by Australian magnate Kerry Packer, and also of La Espadana. In 1994 Gracida won nearly every possible tournament in the game, including ...

Gordon Johnston (soldier)

Gordon Johnston was an American soldier, Medal of Honor recipient and football player and coach. He played at the tackle position for Princeton University and served as the head coach of the University of North Carolina football team in 1896. He served as an officer in the United States Army during the Spanish–American War, the Philippine–American War and World War I, and received the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Philippine–American War.

Herbert F. Lemp

Herbert Frederick Lemp served briefly as mayor of Boise, Idaho, before his death in May 1927. Lemp was elected mayor in April 1927 but was seriously injured in a polo accident shortly thereafter. Lemp was sworn in as mayor in the hospital but succumbed to his injuries four days later. His term was completed by Walter F. Hansen.

Man Singh II

Maj. Gen. HH Maharaja Sawai Shri Sir Man Singh II GCSI GCIE was the last ruling Maharaja of Jaipur State. He ruled the princely state between 1922 and 1949, when the state acceded unto the Dominion of India. Thereafter, he held office as Rajpramukh of Rajasthan between 1949 and 1956. In later life, he served as Ambassador of India to Spain. He was also a notable sportsman and celebrated polo player.

Ronald Mauduit

Captain Ronald Frank Strickland Mauduit was a British cavalry officer and First World War flying ace credited with nine aerial victories.

Henry Bayard Rich

Capt. Henry Bayard Rich was a British soldier, who played for the Royal Engineers in the 1872 FA Cup Final. As a soldier, he saw active service in three campaigns: the Perak Expedition of 1875–76, the Zulu War of 1879 and the Egyptian Expedition of 1882. He was killed in an accident while playing polo.

Charles Thomas Irvine Roark

He first married Grace Muriel Campbell the sister of a brother officer in the Poona Horse, Captain Wentworth Edward Dallas Campbell. They were married in St Pauls Church, Umballa, Punjab, India in 1919 and they had a son b. 1920. She divorced him in 1929 on the grounds of his adultery. He married again in 1930. Lastly in 1938 he married Patsy Hostetter Smith in California and they had one son. She remarried in 1942 to Walter D. K. Gibson, Jr. He died on 18 February 1939 from injuries incurred in a fall during a practice match at Pasadena, California. He had been due to play a third Interna ...

Ernest Vaux

Lieutenant-Colonel Ernest Vaux, was a business man from County Durham and a distinguished officer in the Volunteer Force and Territorial Force during the Second Boer War and World War I.

Gordon Westcott

Born in St. George, Utah, in 1903, Westcott studied architecture at the University of Chicago, where he was also lightweight boxing champion of the university. Westcott acted on stage in New York, Utah, and California, before he made the move to film. He became a contract player with Warner Brothers and appeared in 37 films between 1928 and 1935, starring alongside such up and comers as Bette Davis, Loretta Young and James Cagney. After appearing in a string of Pre-Code productions, and working with such directors as William A. Wellman, Busby Berkeley and William Dieterle, his film career ...


ⓘ Polo deaths

  • Polo is a horseback mounted team sport. It is one of the world s oldest known team sports. The first official game of Polo was played in the state of Manipur
  • The Polo Grounds was the name of three stadiums in Upper Manhattan, New York City, used mainly for professional baseball and American football from 1880
  • Marco Polo is a 1982 American - Italian television miniseries originally broadcast by NBC in the United States and by RAI in Italy. It stars Kenneth Marshall
  • Polo Championship is a polo competition between countries. The event is organised by the sport s governing body, the Federation of International Polo
  • Marco Polo is an American drama web television series inspired by Marco Polo s early years in the court of Kublai Khan, the Khagan of the Mongol Empire
  • Automobile polo or auto polo was a motorsport invented in the United States with rules and equipment similar to equestrian polo but using automobiles instead
  • Maria del Carmen Polo y Martinez - Valdes, 1st Lady of Meiras, Grandee of Spain 11 June 1900 6 February 1988 was the wife of General and caudillo Francisco
  • The Chiesa di San Polo is a Catholic church in Venice, dedicated to the Apostle Paul. It gives its name to the San Polo sestiere of the city. The current
  • A water polo cap is a piece of headgear used in water polo and a number of underwater sports. The caps are used to identify both the player and their team
  • Theresa Elizabeth Teri Polo born June 1, 1969 is an American actress. She starred as Pam Byrnes - Focker in the Meet the Parents trilogy. She was one