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Vocational rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation, also abbreviated VR or voc rehab, is a process which enables persons with functional, psychological, developmental, cognitive, and emotional disabilities or impairments or health disabilities to overcome barriers to accessing, maintaining, or returning to employment or other useful occupation. Vocational rehabilitation can require input from a range of health care professionals and other non-medical disciplines such as disability employment advisers and career counselors. Techniques used can include: assessment, appraisal, program evaluation, and research. goal s ...

California Department of Rehabilitation

The California Department of Rehabilitation is a California state department which administers vocational rehabilitation services. It provides vocational rehabilitation services and advocacy from over 100 locations throughout California seeking employment, independence, and equality for individuals with disabilities. The DOR was established on October 1, 1963.

Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation is a federal-state program in the U.S. state of Florida that provides services to people who have physical or mental disabilities to help them get or keep a job. Its headquarters is located in Tallahassee, Florida and it has 90 local offices. Programs include Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services, Ticket to Work, Transition Youth, Mental Health, and Supported Employment.

Functional capacity evaluation

A functional capacity evaluation is set of tests, practices and observations that are combined to determine the ability of the evaluated person to function in a variety of circumstances, most often employment, in an objective manner. Physicians change diagnoses based on FCEs. They are also required by insurers in when an insured person applies for disability payments or a disability pension in the case of permanent disability.

Independent Living Program

The Independent Living Program is a United States Department of Veterans Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment program aimed at making sure that each eligible veteran is able to live independently to their maximum capacity. The program is commonly referred to as VA ILP. The program is a two-year program that can be extended up to 28 months. There is an enrollment cap of 2700 participants per year. VA ILP may include the following services: animals to assist with coping or independent movement independent living skills training connection with community-based support services att ...

Jefferson Center (Toledo, Ohio)

The Jefferson Center for Vocational Rehabilitation was a skills center in Toledo, Ohio from 1970 until its closure by Toledo Public Schools in June 2000. It was created to serve troubled high school juniors, seniors and dropouts within Toledos school district that may have had physical, mental, emotional, or behavioral issues.


ⓘ Vocational rehabilitation

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