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ⓘ Works by writer

  • journalist. Many writers have produced both fiction and non - fiction works and others write in a genre that crosses the two. For example, writers of historical
  • This is a list of works by writer Vladimir Nabokov. 1926 Mashen ka Машенька English translation: Mary 1970 1928 Korol dama, valet Король
  • the list of works of Stanislaw Lem and its adaptations. Stanislaw Lem was a Polish writer best known for his science fiction. His works were translated
  • The Complete Works is a collection of all the cultural works of one artist, writer musician, group, etc. For example, Complete Works of Shakespeare is
  • Price is an American writer and producer, best known for his Emmy and Writers Guild award - winning work on The Simpsons. Price is a writer and co - executive
  • Apple Writer is a word processor for the Apple II family of personal computers. It was created by Paul Lutus and published in 1979 by Apple Computer.
  • broadcaster iHeartMedia for 55 million. HowStuff Works maintains a large number of podcasts, hosted by its staff writers and editors. The Daily Zeitgeist: a daily
  • notable writers from Africa. It includes poets, novelists, children s writers essayists, and scholars, listed by country. See: List of Algerian writers See:
  • the Magic Works Lessons from a Writing Life is a book by Terry Brooks. First published in 2003, it seeks to give advice to aspiring writers often telling