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A priori probability

An a priori probability is a probability that is derived purely by deductive reasoning. One way of deriving a priori probabilities is the principle of indifference, which has the character of saying that, if there are N mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive events and if they are equally likely, then the probability of a given event occurring is 1/ N. Similarly the probability of one of a given collection of K events is K / N. One disadvantage of defining probabilities in the above way is that it applies only to finite collections of events. In Bayesian inference, "uninformative p ...

Anamnesis (philosophy)

In philosophy, anamnesis is a concept in Platos epistemological and psychological theory that he develops in his dialogues Meno and Phaedo and alludes to in his Phaedrus. The idea is that humans possess innate knowledge perhaps acquired before birth and that learning consists of rediscovering that knowledge from within.

Moral constructivism

Moral constructivism or ethical constructivism is a view both in meta-ethics and normative ethics. Metaethical constructivism holds that correctness of moral judgments, principles and values is determined by being the result of a suitable constructivist procedure. In other words, normative values are not something discovered by the use of theoretical reason, but a construction of human practical reason. In normative ethics, moral constructivism is the view that principles and values within a given normative domain can be justified based on the very fact that they are the result of a suitab ...

Moral intellectualism

Moral intellectualism or ethical intellectualism is a view in meta-ethics according to which genuine moral knowledge must take the form of arriving at discursive moral judgements about what one should do. One way of understanding this is that if we know what is right, we will do what is right. However, it can also be interpreted as the understanding that a rationally consistent worldview and theoretical way of life, as exemplified by Socrates, is superior to the life devoted to a moral life.

Philosophical analysis

Philosophical analysis is the techniques typically used by philosophers in the analytic tradition that involve "breaking down" philosophical issues. Arguably the most prominent of these techniques is the analysis of concepts.

A priori estimate

In the theory of partial differential equations, an a priori estimate is an estimate for the size of a solution or its derivatives of a partial differential equation. A priori is Latin for "from before" and refers to the fact that the estimate for the solution is derived before the solution is known to exist. One reason for their importance is that if one can prove an a priori estimate for solutions of a differential equation, then it is often possible to prove that solutions exist using the continuity method or a fixed point theorem. A priori estimates were introduced and named by Sergei ...


ⓘ A priori

  • The Latin phrases a priori from the earlier and a posteriori from the later are philosophical terms popularized by Immanuel Kant s Critique of
  • An a priori probability is a probability that is derived purely by deductive reasoning. One way of deriving a priori probabilities is the principle of
  • equations, an a priori estimate also called an apriori estimate or a priori bound is an estimate for the size of a solution or its derivatives of a partial
  • Priori may refer to: Priori members of the government of Renaissance Florence, or Signoria, elected by picking eligible names out of a leather bag, or
  • Palazzo dei Priori is a historic building in Perugia, Umbria, central Italy. As in other Italian medieval communes, it was the seat of the priori first
  • A priori Latin, from the earlier is a term used in philosophy and epistemology. A priori or apriori may also refer to: A priori language, a constructed
  • Wellington Cirino Priori born 21 February 1990 is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a defensive midfielder for Trat. Born in São Paulo
  • Priori born 8 December 1995 is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Defensores Unidos. Defensores Unidos gave Priori his
  • a priori a posteriori distinction together yield four types of propositions: analytic a priori synthetic a priori analytic a posteriori synthetic a
  • be called a priori when considering some linguistic factors, and at the same time a posteriori when considering other factors. An a priori language from
  • consequent to be knowable a priori An a posteriori physicalist on the other hand, will reject the claim that PTI N is knowable a priori Rather, they would
  • physical copies are now out of print. All songs were later released on Priori Incantatem. A split EP by Harry and the Potters and The Zambonis was released in