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Air-mixing plenum

The most common application for an air-mixing plenum is the mixing of return air or extract air with fresh air to provide a supply air mixture for onward distribution to the building or area which the ventilation system is serving. The air transferred from the return air stream to the supply air stream is termed recirculated air. All air not mixed is rejected to the atmosphere as exhaust air. Air streams are mixed to save energy and improve energy efficiency.

Aquifer storage and recovery

Aquifer storage and recovery is the direct injection of surface water supplies such as potable water, reclaimed water, or river water into an aquifer for later recovery and use. The injection and extraction is often done by means of a well. In areas where the rainwater cannot percolate the soil or where it is not capable of percolating it fast enough and where the rainwater is thus diverted to rivers, rainwater ASR could help to keep the rainwater within an area. ASR is used for municipal, industrial and agricultural purposes.


Bake-out, in several areas of technology and fabrication, and in building construction, refers to the process of using high heat temperature, and possibly vacuum, to remove volatile compounds from materials and objects before placing them into situations where the slow release of the same volatile compounds would contaminate the contents of a container or vessel, spoil a vacuum, or cause discomfort or illness. Bake-out is an artificial acceleration of the process of outgassing. Electrical insulation paper is often baked dry, without vacuum, before being placed into insulating oil, because ...


BioHome was a small facility created by NASA in the late 1980s that could support one person in a fully functional habitat. One of the influences on the project was the results from data obtained on the 1973 Skylab 3, where a total of 107 VOCs were offgassed by synthetic materials that composed the SL-3. However, the study of indoor air quality was not the only focus of the project, as it was a part of research into closed ecological life support systems. The facility was still in use as of March 5, 2005, and has paved inroads into creating self-supporting life support systems.

Clay panel

Clay panel or clay board is a panel made of clay with some additives. The clay is mixed with sand, water, and fiber, typically wood fiber, and sometimes other additives like starch. Most often this means employing the use of high-cellulose waste fibres. To improve the breaking resistance clay boards are often embedded in a hessian skin on the backside or similar embeddings. By introducing the clay panels, the building material loam can also be used in dry construction. Clay wallboards are a sustainable alternative to gypsum plasterboards, suitable for drywall applications for interior wall ...

High-ozone shock treatment

High ozone shock treatment or ozone blasting is a process for removing unwanted odour, and killing mold, vermin and microorganisms in commercial and residential buildings. The treatment is less expensive than some alternative methods of sterilizing indoor spaces - cleaning or removal of building material, or in extreme cases the abandonment of sick buildings.


ⓘ Building biology

  • Building biology or Baubiologie is a field of building science investigating the indoor living environment for a variety of irritants. It is considered
  • The history of biology traces the study of the living world from ancient to modern times. Although the concept of biology as a single coherent field arose
  • Computational biology involves the development and application of data - analytical and theoretical methods, mathematical modeling and computational simulation
  • Laboratory of Molecular Biology LMB is a research institute in Cambridge, England, involved in the revolution in molecular biology which occurred in the
  • Systems biology is the computational and mathematical analysis and modeling of complex biological systems. It is a biology - based interdisciplinary field
  • The philosophy of biology is a subfield of philosophy of science, which deals with epistemological, metaphysical, and ethical issues in the biological
  • Cell biology is a branch of biology that studies the structure and function of the cell, also known as the basic unit of life. Cell biology encompasses
  • The National Association of Biology Teachers NABT is an incorporated association of biology educators in the United States. It was initially founded
  • provided as an overview of and topical guide to cell biology Cell biology A branch of biology that includes study of cells regarding their physiological
  • completed in November 2006. The building was dedicated in March 2007. The Institute, initially named the Institute for Genomic Biology officially changed its