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Crime of the Century (audio drama)

The Doctor has a masterplan that begins in London, Friday 13 October 1989. Cat burglar Raine Creevey infiltrates a fancy dinner party to crack open their safe. Thats where she discovers the Doctor. He is gathering rare artifacts and distributing them carefully. Meanwhile, the Soviet Union is invading a country in the Middle East. But a third army has been attacking both sides: noble, insectoid aliens known as the Metatraxi.

Earth Aid

Victor Espinoza – Paterson Joseph. Lt Baraki – Ingrid Oliver. Grub – Alex Mallinson. Metatraxi – John Banks. The Doctor – Sylvester McCoy. Shepstay – Nadine Marshall. Yanikov – Basher Savage. Ace – Sophie Aldred. Raine Creevey – Beth Chalmers.