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Geoffrey Vernon Ball

Geoffrey Vernon Ball was one of the first lecturing professors of ophthalmics, pioneering its early inception through the 1950s while head of Department at Aston University, England. He was appointed the first full-time lecturing precision in ophthalmic optics outside of London. in the 1970s Ball together with his colleague Michael Wolffe conducted an extensive experience for Aston students in NHS hospitals all over the United Kingdom including Exeter, Cheltenham, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Bournemouth and Nottingham.

John Browning (scientific instrument maker)

John Browning was an English inventor and manufacturer of precision scientific instruments in the 19th and early 20th centuries. He hailed from a long line of English instrument makers and transformed the family business from one dealing in nautical instruments to one specialising in scientific instruments. Browning was particularly well known for his advances in the fields of spectroscopy, astronomy, and optometry.

Frederick W. Brock

Frederick W. Brock, born in Switzerland, was an optometrist, a major contributor to vision therapy, and the inventor of various vision therapy devices including the Brock string. Brocks approach to treating eye disorders was crucial in paving the way to overcoming an erroneous but long-standing medical consensus that stereopsis could not be acquired in adulthood but only during a critical period early in life: neuroscientist Susan R. Barry, the first person to have received widespread media attention for having acquired stereo vision in adulthood, attributes him a central role in her recov ...

Harold Grocott

Born in England, in the London district of St Pancras, on 9 March 1876, Grocott was the son of Joseph Henry Grocott and Hannah Dryden. He was baptised at Holy Trinity Church, Marylebone on 4 June 1876. In 1877, the family emigrated to New Zealand, where Joseph and Hannah were married the same year. Harolds younger brother, Horace, was born in Napier in 1880, and soon after, they moved to Dunedin. On 4 March 1901, Harold Grocott married Elizabeth Bazley at First Church, Dunedin. The couple went on to have one son - Eric Harold Grocott, who was appointed a Companion of the Queens Service Ord ...

Akio Kanai

Kanai was born in 1942 on the northern Pacific island of Sakhalin. He was forcibly replaced as a child in the turmoil of the end of WWII and moved to Japan. His early life experiences forever shaped his perception of internally displaced people and refugees.

Dennis M. Levi

Dennis M. Levi is a South African optometrist. He is professor of optometry and vision science and a professor of neuroscience at the School of Optometry of the University of California at Berkeley, in California in the United States. He is a former dean of the same school, an appointment he took up in 2001. He was previously the Cullen Distinguished Professor of Optometry on the faculty of the University of Houston, in Houston, Texas, where he also did his PhD. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Optometry. Levi has conducted significant research into amblyopia.