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Abortion in Fiji

Abortion in Fiji is legal if the abortion will save the womans life or if the pregnancy gravely endangers the womans physical or mental health. However, generally the law does not allow voluntary abortion as it is against religious beliefs since Fiji is a stronghold of Christianity with other religious belief that prohibit abortion. Abortion in Fiji is a taboo however, according to statistics, teenage pregnancy has become a prevalent issue needed to be addressed and young mothers end up in abortions. In 2010, abortions to end pregnancies that are a result of rape or incest became legally a ...

Fiji School of Medicine

The Fiji School of Medicine is a tertiary institution based in Suva, Fiji. Originally established in 1885 as the Suva Medical School. FSM became the College of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences as part of Fiji National University in 2010. It is located on the main island of Viti Levu in the Fiji Islands. FSM has been educating Health Care Professionals since its establishment in 1885 as Suva Medical School. The school now provides training in most health science disciplines including medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy, radiography, laboratory technology, public health, health s ...

Gunasagaran Gounder

Dr Gunasagaran Gounder is a Fiji Indian medical doctor who, as a Fiji Labour Party candidate, defeated the Leader of Opposition, Jai Ram Reddy of the National Federation Party, in the contest for the Yasawa Nawaka Open Constituency seat in the 1999 general election. He was subsequently appointed Assistant Minister for Health in the Peoples Coalition Government led by Mahendra Chaudhry from 1999 to 2000. On 19 May 2000, he was among the 43 members of the Peoples Coalition Government, led by Mahendra Chaudhry, taken hostage by George Speight and his band of rebel Republic of Fiji Military Fo ...

Health in Fiji

There are 25 government hospitals including two national referral hospitals and three private hospitals providing secondary and tertiary care: Colonial War Memorial Hospital, in Suva, the largest and oldest hospital New Ba Hospital Vunidawa Hospital MIOT Pacific Hospitals, formerly known as Suva Pvt Hospitals, the largest private hospital. Tavua Hospital Sigatoka Hospital Pacific Specialist Healthcare, private hospital in Suva openbed in 2017 P.J Towmey Hospital first set up on Makogai Island to cater for leprosy patients in 1911. Moved to Tamavua in 1969. Nadi Hospital, second largest hos ...

Mataika House

Mataika House is the building that houses, and the informal name for, what is formally now called the Fiji Centre for Communicable Disease Control, and what used to be called the National Centre for Scientific Services for Virology and Vector Borne Diseases, a subdivision of the Fiji Ministry of Health. For the purposes of the World Health Organizations Global Influenza Programme GISN, the FCCDC is the National Influenza Centre designated by the government of Fiji, having been designated as such in 2004. Officially opened as the NCSSVVBD on 1999-12-02 by Dr Shigeru Omi, the WHO regional di ...

Neil Sharma

Dr. Neil Prakash Sharma is a former Fijian politician, who served as the Minister for Health in the interim Cabinet formed by Frank Bainimarama between 2009-2014.


ⓘ Health in Fiji

  • proper monitoring of the health standards in the communities and villages. The secretary of Fiji s Medical Association says Fiji compares well with other
  • Ministry of Health and Medical Services MOH is a government ministry of Fiji Its head office is in the Dinem House in Toorak, Suva. Contact Us Ministry
  • Medicine, Nursing Health Sciences as part of Fiji National University in 2010. It is located on the main island of Viti Levu in the Fiji Islands. FSM has
  • Abortion in Fiji is legal if the abortion will save the woman s life or if the pregnancy gravely endangers the woman s physical or mental health However
  • economic and social development in Fijian society. The women of the Republic of Fiji are the driving force in health service as nurses and medical doctors
  • Consumer Council of Fiji is a statutory consumer agency that promotes and lobbies for consumer rights and interests in the Fiji Islands. The council
  • Mining in Fiji Tourism in Fiji Visa policy of Fiji Fiji Stock Exchange Education in Fiji Health care in Fiji Transportation in Fiji Airports in Fiji Rail transport
  • and, in urban, rural and remote community health services. The merger of the Fiji School of Medicine and the Fiji School of Nursing into the Fiji National
  • Bangladesh Fiji relations refer to the bilateral relations between Bangladesh and Fiji Fiji recognized Bangladesh on January 31, 1972. Diplomatic relations
  • transgender LGBT people in Fiji may face legal challenges not experienced by non - LGBT residents. In 1997, Fiji became the second country in the world after South