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Service animal

Service animals are working animals that have been trained to perform tasks that assist disabled people. Service animals may also be referred to as assistance animals, assist animals, or helper animals depending on the country and the animals function. Dogs are the most common service animals, assisting people in many different ways since at least 1927. Other animals such as horses are allowed per the ADA in the U.S. The service animal is not required by the Americans with Disabilities Act to wear a vest, ID tag or a specific harness. In places of public accommodation in the United States, ...

Emotional support animal

An emotional support animal is a type of animal that provides comfort to help relieve a symptom or effect of a persons disability. An emotional support animal is not a pet and is generally not restricted by species. An emotional support animal differs from a service animal. Service animals are trained to perform specific tasks such as helping a blind person navigate, while emotional support animals receive no specific training, nor even, necessarily, any training at all. It therefore stands that in the setting of mental illness, whether or not the animal is a "service animal" vs. an emotio ...

Intelligent disobedience

Intelligent disobedience occurs where a service animal trained to help a disabled person goes directly against the owners instructions in an effort to make a better decision. This behavior is a part of the dogs training and is central to a service animals success on the job. The concept of intelligent disobedience has been in use and a common part of service animals training since at least 1936.

Rojo the Llama

Rojo the Llama was a llama and therapy animal based in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. His handler was Shannon Joy of Mountain Peaks Therapy Llamas and Alpacas, also known as the "Llama Mama". He was named after his red coloring. Rojo was a show animal in a 4-H program and entered Dove Lewis Animal-Assisted Therapy Training program at the age of 5. He was the grand marshal of Portlands Junior Rose Festival in 2013, and appeared at the citys Grand Floral Parade in 2019. Joy raised more than $8.000 to publish a childrens book about Rojo called Rojo, The Perfectly Imperfect ...

Jack (baboon)

Jack was the pet and assistant of double leg amputee signalman James Wide, who worked for the Cape Town–Port Elizabeth Railway service. James "Jumper" Wide had been known for jumping between railcars until an accident where he fell and lost both of his legs. To assist in performing his duties, Wide purchased the baboon named Jack in 1881, and trained him to push his wheelchair and to operate the railways signals under supervision. An official investigation was initiated after a concerned member of the public reported that a baboon was observed changing railway signals at Uitenhage near Por ...


ⓘ Assistance animals

  • as assistance animals assist animals or helper animals depending on the country and the animal s function. Dogs are the most common service animals assisting
  • an assistance dog, also known as a service dog, is trained to aid or assist an individual with a disability. Many are trained by an assistance dog organization
  • support animal ESA is a type of assistance animal that alleviates a symptom or effect of a person s disability. An emotional support animal is not a
  • of assistance dogs, in many countries disabled individuals have the right to bring their mobility assistance dogs with them into places where animals are
  • or draft animals trained to achieve certain tasks, such as guide dogs, assistance dogs, draft horses or logging elephants. Most working animals are either
  • Emotional - Support Animals Service Assistance Animals i.e., trained animals that assist and support with daily activities and Animal Assisted Activity
  • for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ASPCA is a non - profit organization dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals Based in New York City since its
  • In telecommunications, directory assistance or directory enquiries is a phone service used to find out a specific telephone number and or address of a
  • annually for food, farm animals are the most numerous animals subjected to cruelty. Divergent approaches to laws concerning animal cruelty occur in different
  • to Animals was transferred to the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate change, where it now resides. Concerned about the abuse of animals in research