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All in Sport

All in Sport was a syndicated newspaper comic strip created in the late 1940s by the cartoonist Chester "Chet" Adams, who earlier had drawn the Gigs and Gags feature during World War II. It usually was featured in the sports section of newspapers. The syndicated daily strip ran from April 18, 1960, to March 8, 1974, and the Sunday strip began December 29, 1963, continuing until February 17, 1974.

Gil Thorp

Gil Thorp is a sports-oriented comic strip which has been published since September 8, 1958. The main character, Gil Thorp, is the athletic director of Milford High School and coaches the football, basketball, and baseball teams. In addition to the sports storylines, the strip also deals with issues facing teenagers such as teen pregnancy, steroids, and drug abuse.

Girls & Sports

Girls & Sports was an American comic strip written and illustrated by Justin Borus and Andrew Feinstein. It was created in 1997 and published in various college newspapers until 2004 when Borus and Feinstein began self-syndicating the strip. It was picked up for distributed by Creators Syndicate at the beginning of 2006, and was discontinued in 2011.

In the Bleachers

In the Bleachers is a comic strip that comments on, and lampoons, sports. It was created in 1985 by American cartoonist/filmmaker Steve Moore and is currently syndicated internationally by Andrews McMeel Syndication.

It's Only a Game

Its Only a Game was a sports-and-game-oriented comics panel by Charles M. Schulz, creator of Peanuts. This panel feature ran for 14 months, from November 3, 1957 to January 11, 1959. Its Only a Game was distributed by United Feature Syndicate. Schulz and cartoonist Jim Sasseville who also assisted Schulz on Peanuts stories for various comic books produced this strip which appeared in newspapers four times a week, including Sundays. Schulz created the strip and produced the first few weeks worth of strips himself; after that, while Schulz was responsible for most of the written content and ...

Out of Bounds (comic strip)

Out of Bounds is a comic strip by Don Wilder and Bill Rechin. It was first syndicated on June 2, 1986, and ran until 1998. Rechin received the National Cartoonist Society Newspaper Panel Cartoon Award for 1992 for his work on the strip.


ⓘ Sports comics

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