ⓘ ESPRIT project. ESPRIT, or the Elite Sport Performance Research in Training is a UK EPSRC and UK Sport funded research project aiming to develop pervasive sensi ..


ⓘ ESPRIT project

ESPRIT, or the Elite Sport Performance Research in Training is a UK EPSRC and UK Sport funded research project aiming to develop pervasive sensing technologies for better the understanding of the physiology and biomechanics of athletes in training, and apply the technologies to enhance the well being and healthcare of general public.


1. Key research themes

  • Learning, Data Modelling and Performance Optimisation - UK Sport, Imperial College London
  • Generalised Body Sensor Networks - Imperial College London
  • Device and Technology Innovation GOLD in elite sports - Loughborough University
  • Optimised Sensor Design and Embodiment - Queen Mary University of London

2. Proof of concept projects

  • Real-time wireless localisation for team sports using body-centric communications - Queens University Belfast
  • Optimized athlete body sensor networks for simulation-based performance analysis - Southampton University
  • Application of a solid-state saliva-based system to monitoring circadian rhythms in elite athletes - Swansea University

3. Showcase/secondment projects

  • Using interleukin-6 IL-6 as a measurement of exercise-induced inflammation - Loughborough University
  • Improvement of Powerwheel for racing wheelchairs - Frazer-Nash Consultancy Ltd.
  • Monitor the effects of a warm-up on power production and wheelchair performance - Loughborough University
  • Ankle and Foot Modelling in Elite Cycling - Paul Francis

4. Sports exemplars

A number of sports exemplars have been selected in the ESPRIT Programme to demonstrate and validate the application of pervasive sensing technology in elite sport performance monitoring


5. Healthcare exemplars

One of the main objectives of the ESPRIT project is to extend the developed sensing technology for wellbeing and healthcare applications. To demonstrate the application of the technology, a number of healthcare exemplars have been selected.

  • Rehabilitation after knee-replacement surgery
  • Elderly care
  • Fall detection
  • COPD patient monitoring
  • Post-operative care
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