ⓘ StyleNite is a cultural event organized by Berlins designer Michael Michalsky. It has evolved from Michalskys fashion shows and takes place twice a year during ..


ⓘ Stylenite

StyleNite is a cultural event organized by Berlins designer Michael Michalsky. It has evolved from Michalskys fashion shows and takes place twice a year during Berlin Fashion Week. Since January 2010 the event is officially titled StyleNite. The event is breaking with the traditions of a conventional fashion show, by combining performances of different art disciplines. Each StyleNite is themed according to the inspirational topic of the latest collection of the designer Michalsky.


1. Event concept

Michalsky is considered a "seismograph of society" and his collections are regularly influenced by current developments in society. These topics are picked up as central theme of the StyleNite with the aim to support a free and tolerant exchange between artists and art disciplines. In this respect, the StyleNite is considered a platform for exchange, discussion and contacts. Inherent part of the StyleNite are Michalskys fashion shows. Alternating locations and elaborate stage-designs are setting the scene for further performances during the event. Part of the program are always live music acts of famous or newcomer bands, show performances, film premieres and fashion shows of other labels. The evening ends with an excessive after show party.

In March 2011 Michalsky announced that the following four StyleNites are going to take place at the Tempodrom in Berlin.


2.1. Artists, models und special features Special features

  • 18 January 2013: The sneak peek of Disney´s "The Wizard of Oz", with a presentation of three dresses inspired by the main characters of the movie
  • 20 January 2012: The French-German TV station ARTE films the autumn/winter 2012 Michalsky StyleNite. The documentary is presented by Joachim Winterscheidt and broadcast on ARTE on 21 January 2012.
  • 9 July 2010: Exclusive preview of the Friedrichstadt-Palast revue YMA
  • 9 July 2010: The opera singer Nadja Michael performs an aria from Medee on the catwalk
  • 8 July 2008: First live performance of Lady Gaga outside the USA
  • 8 July 2011: Lightperformance by the artist Gert Hof to the song "Nothing Else Matters" by Metallica
  • 21 January 2010: World premiere of the band Hurts
  • 20 January 2011: The company DHL shoots the new TV spot for its global advertising campaign on the StyleNite catwalk
  • 21 January 2011: German premiere of the Disney film Tron: Legacy
  • 25 August 2011: The art gallery Contributed dedicates an exhibition to the Michalsky StyleNite with fotos and videos by three artists

2.2. Artists, models und special features Stage design

Michalsky always develops an elaborate and individual stage for each StyleNite interpreting the theme of the evening. For example, the stage of the StyleNite The Great Depression Part II featured a crashed airplane in a pool and thousands of stocks on the catwalk.


2.3. Artists, models und special features Models

Besides famous models there are always new faces to be spotted at StyleNite.

Michalsky has always ignored the "traditional" requirements for models regarding age, origin and perfection. He would line up handicapped models as well as aged models on the runway at StyleNite. The engagement of the handicapped model Mario Galla at the StyleNite in July 2010 was considered almost scandalous among the fashion scene and caused enormous media response. In January 2011, the models Eveline Hall and Pat Cleveland walked the runway; both women are over 60 years old. The internationally renowned German model Toni Garrn has been a regular among the models at StyleNite for several years. In January 2013 Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht was proud to present his first run on catwalk for Michael Michalsky.


3. Tickets

There is no official ticket sale for the event. The invitations are sent exclusively to a limited number of guests. The audience at StyleNite changes each time, consisting of people from fashion, media, politics, art and celebrities.

The organizer provides selected media - mainly fashion magazines, blogs and design journals - with a limited number of tickets that are available for raffles. In single cases tickets are given to the students of Berlins fashion design academies.

There is a strict door policy at the night of the StyleNite.


4. Media coverage

The StyleNite is extensively covered in German and international media. In July 2011 the StyleNite was covered extensively by Chinese media for the first time. Vogue TV China broadcast a report and the Cosmopolitan China dedicated an entire page to the event. On 21 January 2012 the French-German TV station ARTE aired a 90 minutes documentary on the Michalsky StyleNite.


  • FAZ: "Friday night was a big blast. Only … Boss is playing in this league."
  • Styleranking: "StyleNite advancing to a major entertainment fashion show"
  • Manager Magazin: "BloS nicht zu klassisch!"
  • Focus: "Fashion Week-Finale: Pastelltone und ein schwangeres Model"
  • VOGUE: "Preview Michael Michalsky"
  • The New York Times: "Party Like Its 1929"
  • Bild: "Mega-Event StyleNite"
  • Spiegel Online: "The most daring combination at Fashion Week"

  • after. Hurts performed their first gig on 22 January at the Michalsky Stylenite in Berlin, followed by a gig on 22 February at St Phillips Church in Salford
  • Michalsky is considered one of Germany s most influential designers. His StyleNite at Berlin Fashion Week is followed by the global fashion scene. Michalsky
  • 8 July 2011 they performed live in Berlin, Germany, at the Michalsky Stylenite fashion show which was streamed live on the internet On 16 August 2011
  • Fashion Week Usedom Island Berlin Fashion Week Bread and Butter tradeshow Stylenite by Michael Michalsky Dusseldorf Fashion Week Frankfurt Fashion Week Hamburg
  • at the time was presenting as gender fluid, as a topless woman. At the Stylenite in July 2011, Pejic appeared on the catwalk both in masculine and feminine
  • performed their first ever gig as Hurts on 22 January at the Michalsky Stylenite in Berlin, followed by St Phillips Church in Salford on 22 February. This
  • Toni Garrn is part of every show. Lady Gaga at StyleNite July 2008 1st performance outside USA StyleNite stage in January 2012 German fashion London Fashion
  • Alphaville performed songs from the new album as well as old hits at the StyleNite on 21 January 2011 during Berlin Fashion Week. In March 2011 Alphaville
  • July 2011 Tiefschwarz performed at the legendary aftershow party of the StyleNite a cultural event of the designer Michael Michalsky during Berlin Fashion
  • Logo s NewNowNext Awards on June 7, 2008. She also performed on Michalsky StyleNite at Berlin Fashion Week, So You Think You Can Dance, Jimmy Kimmel Live