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Hiking apparel

Hiking apparel is clothing, footwear, headwear, and other items worn that are suitable for hiking, including trousers, sweaters, underwear, and hiking boots. Hiking apparel is usually selected to suit predicted weather conditions, taking into account UPF rating, weight, water and wind resistance. Todays hiking apparel is more advanced than previous years, having material that can be wind resistant, water-repellent and yet breathable, and lightweight. Some hiking apparel is designed to be "breathable", drawing moisture away from the body while protecting from the weather. Usually three laye ...

Rain pants

Rain pants, also called rain trousers, are waterproof or water-resistant pants worn to protect the body from rain. Rain pants may be combined with a rain jacket to make a rain suit. Rain gaiters may also be used for further protection. While rain pants can be made of plastic or coated nylon, modern waterproof materials are commonly used, including waterproof-breathable fabric such as Gore-Tex.