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Allied Pacific Sports Network

Allied Pacific Sports Network was one of the earliest over-the-top content OTT companies in Asia. Founded in 2009, APSN was the first provider of multiple live streamed sports in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. APSN ceased operations in 2012. In 2011, APSN streamed more than 5.000 hour of live sports. These sports included Major League Baseball, the Premier League, Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, and the National Hockey League. APSN was based in Beijing, China and Hong Kong and operated Major League Baseball w ...


The Russian edition of Azerisport.com covers many sports, including Association football, Olympic sports, Wrestling, Boxing, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Judo, Basketball, Chess, Powerlifting, Karate as well events such as FIFA World Cup, Olympics, European Games.

Dead Runners Society

The Dead Runners Society is a worldwide online running club. DRS is notable for its unusual role in the development of both the Internet and the sport of running. Founded by Chris Conn in 1991 as an electronic mailing list, DRS pre-dates widespread use of the World Wide Web. It is an early example of a virtual community formed around a non-professional topic. Many early DRS members were computer professionals, librarians, academics and researchers. Membership broadened with the growing use of email in the mid-1990s. Annual World Conferences have been held since 1993.


FishingKaki.com is one of the worlds most popular fishing internet-based message boards and is based in Singapore. It currently has 400.000 registered members. FishingKaki.com is a thriving forum for fishing enthusiasts in Singapore and beyond, getting visitors from many parts of the world including the US, UK and Australia. Now owned and led by Luke Maow Bear, FishingKaki.com has since been revamped in all aspects, which includes design, structure and direction. FishingKaki.com has since migrated to Amazon Web Services for both speed and stability.


JadranSport was an online social and sport magazine project which reached its peaks in two different eras, both prior to World Cups in football. The first was at the time of the 2002 WC in South Korea and Japan while the second happened during the 2006 WC in Germany. The site had a multi-national outlook and believed that inter-cultural communication and ethnic reconciliation throughout all aspects of society should be a future goal for Balkan countries. The main idea of JS and its founder, Alexander Damir Yovanovich Serbian Latin: Aleksandar Damir Jovanovic - Serbian Cyrillic: Александар ...

Kawowo Sports

Kawowo Sports is an East African sports website based in Kampala, Uganda, that publishes digital sports content with a focus on local and regional information. It was founded by Joseph Owino in September 2011. The editor of the website is Franklin Kaweru deputised by Edgar Kazibwe. Their most acclaimed journalist is David Isabirye who has won multiple awards for his work on Kawowo Sports.