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Doping at the World Athletics Championships

As a signatory to the World Anti-Doping Code, the International Association of Athletics Federations prohibits the use of banned performance-enhancing substances by competitors at the World Championships in Athletics. A list of WADA-banned substances is regularly published to the public and amended as scientific knowledge expands. The IAAF and anti-doping bodies undertake in-competition sampling of athletes blood and urine in order to detect where athletes have taken banned substances. This is also complemented by out-of-competition tests during the tournament and in the preceding period. ...

List of sportspeople with dual nationality

The following is a list of athletes with dual nationality. It includes both players who can trace their origins to a foreign country and those who have attained foreign nationality during their career, as well as players who hail from semi-autonomous regions within countries.

List of Go players

This page gives an overview of well-known professional and amateur players of the board game Go throughout the ages. The page has been divided into sections based on the era in which the Go players played and the country in which they played. As this was not necessarily their country of birth, a flag of that country precedes every players name. For a complete list of player articles, see Category:Go players. The important dates that this separation is based on are: The establishment of the Four go houses at the start of the Tokugawa Shogunate. The demise of the houses in the Meiji Period e ...

List of IBF Muaythai world champions

This is a list of IBF Muay Thai world champions, showing every world champion certificated by the International Boxing Federation Muaythai. The IBF, which is one of the four major governing bodies in professional boxing, started certifying their own Muay Thai world champions in late 2017. The IBF is the second boxing organization to start certifying Muay Thai World champions following World Boxing Council.

International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame

The International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame was opened July 7, 1981 in Netanya, Israel. It honors Jewish athletes and their accomplishments from anywhere around the world. It is located at the Wingate Institute for Physical Education and Sport. It has inducted over 300 athletes and sportspersons representing 25 countries. The Hall elects new honorees each year, with submissions due December 1 for votes for the following year, and a formal induction ceremony taking place several days prior to the Maccabiah Games every four years. The Hall was founded by Joseph M. Siegman, a television prod ...

List of Jewish American sportspeople

This is a list of notable Jewish American sportspeople. For other Jewish Americans, see Lists of Jewish Americans; for sportspeople from other countries, see List of Jews in sport.


ⓘ Lists of sportspeople

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