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Allegheny County Medical Examiner

The Office of Allegheny County Medical Examiner investigates cases of persons who die within Allegheny County, Pennsylvania from criminal violence by casualty or by suicide, when unattended by a physician; under correctional custody or any other suspicious or unusual manner. The offices jurisdiction includes the city of Pittsburgh and its immediate suburbs. Prior to 2005 the Coroner was an elected position within the county, however on December 29, 2005 the position was abolished and retitled "Medical Examiner" with all future office holders being appointees of the Allegheny County Executi ...

Oklahoma Office of the Chief Medical Examiner

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner is the agency of the government of Oklahoma responsible for investigating sudden, unexpected, violent or suspicious deaths. In this capacity, OCME provides support services to State law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and public health officials.

Delaware County Office of the Medical Examiner

The Delaware County Office of the Medical Examiner is the office responsible for the investigation of all unnatural deaths in Delaware County, Pennsylvania and natural deaths where there is no treating doctor or which occur suddenly outside a medical institution. Prior to 1979, the office was known as the Delaware County Coroners Office. In 1979, the county updated the medicolegal death investigation system to a modernized Medical Examiner system in response to public demand, and facilitated by the home rule charter. The Administrative Headquarters of the office is located within the Fair ...

Marcella Farinelli Fierro

Dr. Marcella Farinelli Fierro is a medical examiner and forensic pathologist. She was the former chief medical examiner of Virginia, appointed in 1994 and serving in this position until her retirement in 2008. She was the ninth woman certified in forensic pathology by the American Board of Pathology. Since retirement, Fierro has served as an educator, mentor, and adviser.

Alessia Gazzola

Alessia Gazzola is an Italian novelist. Gazzola is a medical examiner and she published her first novel, Lallieva, in 2011. Her novels mix crime fiction and chick lit, the central character being Alice Allevi. Her 2018 novel Il ladro gentiluomo won the 2019 Premio Bancarella.

E. H. Hedrick

Erland Harold Hedrick, better known as E. H. Hedrick was an American Democratic politician from West Virginia. Born in Beckley, West Virginia he was graduated from the medical school of the University of Maryland, Baltimore in 1917. During World War I he served in the United States Army Medical Corps as a first lieutenant 1917–1919. After the war he returned to Beckley where he started his own medical practice 1919–1944. Hedrick also served as a medical examiner for the Veteran Administration from 1919 to 1944, city and country health officer 1927–1932 and superintendent of Pinecrest Tuber ...