ⓘ Faculty of Sport and Tourism. The Faculty of Sport and Tourism is a state-accredited private institution of high education located in Novi Sad, Serbia. The Facu ..


ⓘ Faculty of Sport and Tourism

The Faculty of Sport and Tourism is a state-accredited private institution of high education located in Novi Sad, Serbia. The Faculty was founded in 2004 and consists of three departments - Sport, Tourism and Psychology.

Since its founding, the Faculty has educated 209 bachelors, 36 magisters and masters, as well as 10 doctors.


1. History

TIMS started off as an independent College for Sport Trainers and Managers Serbian: Виша школа за тренере и менаџере у спорту / Visa skola za trenere i menadzere u sportu in 2001, to grow into the Faculty of Sport and Tourism - TIMS, as it is known today, in 2004. That year also saw the addition of another department - Tourism, rendering TIMS the only faculty dedicated to sport and tourism in Serbia and the countries of former Yugoslavia.


2. Organisation and profile

The Faculty consists of two departments: the Department of Sport, and the Department of Tourism. Basic studies on both departments last 3 years, masters studies taking 2 years and doctoral studies 3 years.

According to the nomenclature of occupations, the students acquire the following professional titles upon graduation:

from the study programme of Physical education and sport:

  • on the level of Doctoral degree - Doctor of physical education, sport and kinesiology;
  • on the level of Masters degree - Professor of physical education and sport - master;
  • on the level of Bachelors degree - Teacher of sport and physical education;

from the study programme of Management and business in tourism:

  • on the level of Masters degree – Graduate manager – master.
  • on the level of Bachelors degree - The professional title of manager;

3. Partnerships

TIMS is a member of the Association for Tourism and Leisure Education ATLAS.

The Faculty cooperates with many other institutions of higher education across Europe, but also with some of the most significant associations, clubs and organisations in the field of sport and tourism in Serbia and the region.

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